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Arizer ArGo Review

May 17, 2018

Arizer ArGo Review

The Arizer ArGo is small, really small, it looks more like a miniature mobile than a portable vaporizer. The good news is in spite of being a dwarf in its category it packs a lot of punch. So, big guys, you can still go for it for its amazing, super smooth and intense vapor.

Continue reading the ArGo vaporizer review to know more about this device from Arizer, Canada.

The Shell / Body

Arizer ARGO Review

The Arizer ArGo is a two tone affair. The upper body is anodised aluminium while the lower portion is made from high grade, heat resistant plastic. As with all Arizer products the ArGo is of high quality. It is also beautiful. The difference in shade between the metal and plastic parts gives the ArGo a distinct character. Usually plastic shells turn us apprehensive, but not with Arizer's Go. Maybe, it has something to do with the clever engineering embedded in every part. The device feels solid in hand and oozes confidence with its subtle rounded edges.

Now coming to its actual dimensions – ArGo is 50mm wide, 88mm tall and 25mm broad. Like I said earlier, in spite of  its not so impressive size, it still feels good to hold and reflects unusual sturdiness. This feeling could be because it is stout and the lower section is built from rubberized material. Overall, I am impressed with its eye-catching design and the rest of the elements such as the cylindrical section right in the middle that houses buttons and display.

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Design Elements

Arizer ArGo Review

The top section of the ArGo is not hinged and therefore is a separate part. Incidentally, it is telescopic in nature. This simply means it can be lifted along the body with the help of a small button at the side. The same can be pushed back with a simple press. Once the top is depressed it exposes a glass stem on one side.

Arizer ArGo Review

This is the heart of ArGo. The herbs are typically loaded on the lower end of this tube and then pushed down from the top before starting the vaping session. The glass tube is around 11 mm in diameter and runs 15mm deep inside the ArGo's body. The glass tube performs two functions - it acts as a draw stem and also as a bowl.

When not in use simply press the button and the top end slides up and sits flush with the rest of the body. The manufacturers of the ArGo have thoughtfully provided a silicon seal, a kind of protective rubberized cap for the glass tube. It comes in handy while travelling. Nonetheless, like many users even I feel the mechanism to hide and expose the draw tube could have been designed in some other way. Although it works smoothly and without drag, assemblies like these tend to lose their potential over a period of time.

However, Arizer has so far been top notch when it comes to design engineering. So, in a way it shouldn't be something to should worry about.

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How to load Arizer ARGO

As dry herb vaporizers go. Due to its innovative design loading and unloading ingredients in theArGo is child's play. Simply press the mouthpiece down so that the aroma tube/draw tube is exposed. Pull out this glass tube, load the herbs at the bottom, and push it back inside the oven chamber. Next turn on the unit by pressing M and + button.

Arizer ArGo turn on

Continue to do so till the device makes a beep sound and a smiley appears on the digital display. Once the device is activated you can use the + and - buttons to set the desired temperature range. The heating time for the first draw is under 90 seconds. Once the desired temperature is reached another beep sounds and you ready to go.

Arizer ARGO Heat up


Inhale through the glass tube to begin your vaping sessions. The vapor, right from the word go is dense and perfectly flavored while the subsequent draw quality is appreciable. I tried out various temperatures and every time I inhaled a consistent flavor. However, the vapor density jumped up remarkably. But post 215°C the vapor started getting warmer and the device a little too hot for comfort.


The ArGo is not the industrial kind of vaporizer. In a sense it doesn't offer large clouds or a fuller experience. What it offers is consistent mid-range flavor and resultant puffs. The hybrid heating unit, made from stainless steel and ceramic material makes sure the initial heating time and the subsequent session timings are impressive. Hybrid roasting oven also means uniform burning which in turn offers a gratifying vaping experience.


The size of the oven which typically holds less than 2 grams of herb may not exactly be to rave about but it provides an inspiring number of hits, around 10 to 12. Heat production in the ArGo is achieved through conduction ( Heating the herbs directly ) and through convection ( through user inhaling process ). Overall the vapor quality is good for such a tiny device.

The battery life complements the number of draws which is around 90 minutes. However, it takes 200 minutes to charge the battery to its hilt.

The Verdict

The bottom line, the ArGo is a great portable dry herb vaporizer for beginners. Everything about the ArGo is decent; the size, vapor quality, number of hits, battery life and other parameters.

ARIZER ARGO quick review summery




This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with the Arizer ArGo vaporizer.

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