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Arizer Go (ArGO) - The most portable Vaporizer

Including some of the most desired features of the Solo 2 but at a smaller, properly pocket size, the ArGo is versatile, produces very high-quality vapor and is the most discreet choice from Arizer. Not a cloud producer but a taste maintainer, making sessions easy and enjoyable. The ArGo is another excellent vape from Arizer, this one being pocket-sized. The most discreet offering they have, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for the vape that fits in your pocket without too much of a bulge (it looks more like a wallet) and still produces great quality vapor.

Arizer ARGO Features

  • Pocket-Sized
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • All Glass Air Path
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Precise Temperature Control - 1° Increment
  • Hybrid Heating Method
  • Quick Heat-up Time (60 Seconds)
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Aroma tube protection function
Arizer Argo in hand

Vapor Quality 

First of all, for those wanting huge clouds of vapor, this is not for you. While it vapes up to 220 degrees Celsius, the temperature range for thick vapor, it still doesn’t compete with, for example, the Solo 2 for vapor thickness. That said, it is tasty, tasty vapor, this thing pulls no punches when it comes to the quality and flavour of its vape. As with all the Arizer tech, there are borosilicate glass accessories that give a really cool pull. Considering how tiny it is, it’s really impressive how the vapor can be so cool. We couldn’t test the machine for long enough to tell you whether it’s going to last a long time, but it did feel like it was very well made, with a tough plastic and aluminium body and precise construction.

Arizer Argo next to removed aroma tube

Temperature Settings

The Arizer ArGo pulls nicely, not offering much resistance, and the wide range of temperatures (122 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit) gives you the option of lots of tastes and vape thickness. 

LED Screen 

The LED screen of the ArGo is bright and easy to get the hang of, it gives you vital statistics like battery status, target temperature and current temperature. To adjust the settings, just press the up and down buttons surrounding the menu button, it’s really simple to use and very intuitive. The full range of temperatures can be adjusted on the screen, you don’t have to rely on the presets. For a discreet vape, you can turn the brightness of the screen right down. A nice touch.

Battery life and Charging

The Arizer Go Vaporizer comes with a removable 18650 mAh Battery. You can get roughly an hour and a half out of the ArGo before it needs charging, which amounts to roughly 3-4 sessions in our experience. For such a discreet device, that’s well enough. If you need more vaping, you can swap the batteries out for fresh ones, or use it while it’s charging via USB.

Average battery life 90 Minutes
Recharge time 210 Minutes


You should have no issues with cleaning the ArGo, the glass tubes pop out and are easily cleaned in some rubbing alcohol, and the heating chamber is easily cleared out with the brush that comes with the device. You can use it at least 20 times before needing to give it a clean. 

Arizer ArGo Quick Review

Overall, a great little portable vaporizer. It has a high build quality, a wide range of temperatures, a clear screen and intuitive design. Best of all is the quality of the vapor itself. Not quite as good as a Volcano (what is?), it’s still up there with the big boys of the vaping world. Considering its price (pretty reasonable) and the quality of the product, it’s a great choice for the discreet vaper who just needs a little something to get them through the day.

To find out more, scroll down and check out our quick video. Here you can see the vapor production and functionalities of the ArGo in more detail.

Arizer Argo Review

What the manufacturer says about it

Arizer are marketing this as a way of getting very high-quality vapor while still maintaining the required level of discretion many users require. Arizer outline the best features it has as "Easy to use and easy to clean while consistently producing pure tasty vapor. Custom Session settings give you the freedom of choice". 

What users are saying

The general consensus appears to be very positive, people are appreciating the quality vape experience while getting a properly portable device. Lots of positive comments about build quality, though the standard complaints about the glass breaking apply. Reviewer W.green64 said "Arizer - Better by Design... I got an Argo yesterday replacing my three-year-old dying Air due to many drops and could not be happier. The Argo is a very discreet portable vape that easily slips into my pocket during my daily commute. the Air, while build like a tank was not as portable but a great device". 

Arizer Argo Accessories and Tips

Arizer ArGo Tips and Accessories

Your Arizer ArGo comes with two aroma tubes and also some silicone stem caps. Our Tip is, that you prefill your aroma tubes and seal them with the stem cap. That way you will always be ready for a new session on the go.

One issue we probably should point out is that while the portability of this vaporizer is much increased by having the glass vaping tube pop out and attach back into the body for use, this adds a little complexity that could generate faults after some heavy use, such as the glass breaking. It’s a small complaint though. But if you are unlucky and it breaks we got all the spare parts you may need.

What's In the box?

  •  One Arizer ArGo Vaporizer
  • 4x filter screens
  • 2x glass aroma tubes
  • 2x silicone stem caps
  • 1x belt carry case
  • 1x stirring tool
  • 1x battery
  • 1x charger and manual.
Arizer Argo Review

Technical Specifications

Size (length, width, height in centimetres) 9.3cm by 5.2cm by 2.4cm / 3.66 in x 2.04 in x 0.94 in
Weight (in grams) 96g / 3.38 oz
Temperature range (in Celsius) 122 to 428°F / 50-220°C
Temperature presets Yes, set your own or use presets
Temperature settings Manual – by degrees
Heating method Hybrid (convection & conduction)
Heat power source Battery
Heating element type/material Ceramic
Chamber/oven material Stainless steel/ceramic
Heat up time (in seconds) 30 to 60 seconds
Types of material usable inside Dry Herb
Dry herb capacity (in grams) 0.2g
Extract attachment Glass Aroma Tube
Control / setting interface Buttons on device / LED screen
Delivery method Direct pull
Body material Plastic and aluminium
Mouthpiece material Borosilicate glass
Manufacturer Arizer
Made in Canada
Designed in Canada
Release date 2017
Warranty 2 years

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product.

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