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BRNT Hexagon Fuchsia Daffodil Bong
BRNT Hexagon - Ceramic Bong
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Puffco Budsy New Limited Colors
Puffco Budsy
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Puffco Cupsy Coffee cup bong pipe
Puffco Cupsy
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The Best Bongs in Canada!

Bongs also known as water pipes are the most classic way of consuming dry herbs, generally considered the best way to get the biggest hit due to the cooling provided by the water and percolators helps you take more into your lungs without the coughing you would get from similar draws from other devices like pipes. So even though there are a number of ways to consume dry herbs, yet, a great deal of dry herb consumers prefer bongs, Even with the rapid growth in popularity of vapes, many still prefer a bong. It could be because of the fact that bongs generally let one take bigger or even longer hits. Accordingly, the effect from using bongs could be more immediate and instant. 

There are various types of bongs that differ in its purpose and design. As there are plenty of ways on how you could consume dry herbs, there are also different ways on how you could ingest it from a bong. The type of bongs is glass bongs, acrylic bongs, percolator pongs, cheap bongs, and premium bongs. Every bong has its intended aim so that it could match the preference and lifestyle of its users.

The most common type is the glass bong for it is traditional and more known in the industry. In addition, these bongs are constructed with their own touch of flair as they differ from shapes, sizes, and designs.

Though it may come with proper handling, most glass bongs produced by well-known companies are using exceptional materials that guarantee stability and functionality. In this collection of bongs, the brands featured are Higher Standards, Marley Natural, Hoss Glass,Famous Brandz, Grav Labs,Killer Bongs, and Roor Bongs. There is a surplus of other brands that develop well-crafted bongs, but the mentioned brands assuredly have the outstanding ones that are sought-after in the Canadian market.

Famous Brandz

The Famous Brandz is renowned for its creative, unique, and iconic bongs. It created a bong giving special recognition to the Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian television series. The 12-inch glass bong is covered with images of Bubbles, the character that majority of its watchers are in favor of. This bong has a wide bubble-shaped base that provides durability and quality hit. Not only that, but its ice notch and wide mouthpiece definitely make it enjoyable for the user because of the cooled down vapor that it gives out.

The features of Trailer Park Boys Bubbler consist of the official Trailer Park Boys merchandise, high-quality glass, diffused downstem, and a removable bowl.

Grav Labs Bongs

Grav Labs is known for its heavy-bottom and durable bongs that promises quality. The Basic Wide-base Beaker Bong is ideal for users that manifest clumsy traits or have boisterous friends around as this bong is composed of sturdy glass material and wide shape. Additionally, it brings out the smooth and packed flavor of your dry herb that would leave you hanging for more. This bong is definitely simple and easy to use. The Basic Wide-base Beaker Bong is made out of high-quality materials such as its beaker base; branded glass, clear and thick glass, ice catcher, and Grav Swiss downstem.

Killer Bongs 

Bongs made by the company Killer Bongs have the reputation of producing superior water pipes in the industry. When you turn this bong upside down, it gives justice to its title as it exceptionally looks like the Russian Kalashnikov gun. Thus, it is recognized for having the character of a peace keeping bong not only because of the gun’s reputation, but because this bong is composed of a powerful interior and exterior. This bong comes with an ice twist that lets its users stack up ice and enjoy cooled down vapor. In addition, it includes an ash catcher chamber that brings down the harmful toxins. The AK47 features straight bong shape, ice twist, and ash catcher.

Roor Bongs

Roor is a remarkable company that produces high-quality hand blown bongs that are composed with the finest materials. It is created by the distinguished glass blower Martin Brizle and his team. Every Roor bong is designed with the creator’s signature. Indeed, this brand is premium and elite, making their bongs one of the most marketable ones. With that being said, these bongs, Series 250.

The Roor Custom Blue 500 

The Roor Custom Blue 500 Bong and Icemaster Bong deserve recognition. The Series 250 Blue Bong is made with a hexagonal that provides further stability. Its size is perfect for everyday use especially that it assures solid and pure flavors from the dry herbs. It is also available in various volumes of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml; made with options that would match its user's partiality. Without a question, this bong is also aesthetically pleasing, making it even more enjoyable. The Series 250 Blue Bong comes with a cylinder, down tube, separate lift-off bowl, and Roor glass gauze.

Roor Icemaster

The Icemaster Bong by Roor is constructed with the finest materials that guarantee stability, functionality, and quality taste. It is entirely made with borosilicate glass making its external surface thicker than ever. This is a 45 cm tall bong that has a 55 mm thick glass that comes with a Roor logo on its side. Due to its ice notch, it allows maximum pleasure in ever hit with its smooth, cooled down, and mild vapor. Upon purchase, The Icemaster Bong also has a cylinder, down tube, separate lift-off bowl, and Roor glass gauze. Not only that, but it contains a bistable joint as a standard, adding 40% more thickness to its glass.

Art Glass Bongs

Art Glass is known for its high quality and functional bongs that have intricate designs. The Bong 18.8 Jackknife from Art Glass is a 12-inch cylindrical bong that is made out of borosilicate glass. This water pipe is also ideal for beginners because of its inclined design. It allows the user to place ice cubes inside the bong as the bent pathway can function as an ice notch. The ice cubes serve as the cooling ingredient so that every hit would not burn. The features of the Bong 18.8 Jackknife include clear glass with metallic finish, glass funnel bowl, 18.8 mm female joint, glass showerhead downstem, and kinked neck doubles as ice catch.

Black Leaf Bongs

The Black Leaf has the name for producing outstanding bongs that are made with high quality borosilicate glass. The company offers a variety of options for its users as they could cater to those who are in favor of pipe down to those who prefer percolator bongs. Every product in their market are aimed for beginners and long-time users, because they assure not only affordability, but ease of use, quality, and functionality.

To be featured is two of their bongs, the DEA Mini Bubbler Bong and the Glass Triple Disc Perc Bong Blue Honeycomb. The DEA Mini Bubbler Bong is a six-inch bong, minuscule in its size yet just as powerful as the other DEA bongs. It is glass bong with a round base increasing the bong’s durability. It is made out of a top mounted 14.4 mm female ground glass and male slide that are paired with a mounted mouthpiece allowing ease of use. This bong is appropriate for stress-free home use as it is compact and easy to clean.

The Glass Triple Disc Perc Bong Blue Honeycomb is a percolator bong that provides higher-grade quality experience in its utilization. This bong is made with a stemless design and three blue honeycomb disc percolators that filter the vapor that goes through it. Thus, as it produces smooth and pure flavor from the dry herb, you would not have to fret about the toxins that it eliminates. The Glass Triple Disc Perc Bong Blue Honeycomb also features a stable round base with blue rim, 18.8 mm clear glass slide bowl with blue handle, integrated screen, and Black Leaf’s honeycomb label.

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