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Dab Pens Collection

Dab pens are awesome, that is why the Herbalize Store sells so many of them. If you are taking the time to read this blog, you are probably wanting to know more about them. Maybe you would like your first dab pen? Or how about an upgrade? Maybe your trusty wax vaporizer has just died and you need to replace it? Or how about a collection of dab pens? One for each occasion, and why not?

Whatever your reasons, welcome. This guide is meant to provide you with lots of information about how to make the best choice of dab pen. We shall explore the options: voltage, size, make, heating elements, price, features, and more. Of course, you can head straight to the Herbalize Store to start making your choice but you might miss out on some crucial bit of knowledge that turns your vaping experience from “Hmm, quite nice” to “Holy smokes [vapes?] that is some fine vaporized herbal extract!”

Where to Start? What is a Dab Pen?

That is a good place to start. You probably know this already, and if you do, feel free to skip this little section and move on to the features below.

A dab pen is the evolution of the dab rig. Some time in the 1990’s, heating up a metal rod (usually with a blow torch – eek!) to instantly vaporize concentrated herbal extracts became a thing. Initially, it was for the hardcore stoners and people with a bit too much time and money on their hands.

However, as the clear benefits of vaping became clear and the technology caught up with the dreams of vapers, the dab rig transformed. No longer did you need a hand-blown glass bowl and a blowtorch to blast your concentrate into tasty vapour. You could get dab rigs that had internal heating elements, convenient heating chambers, and voltage control. Now they were viable technology!

The next step was to make them portable. When batteries started to get tiny thanks to mobile phone technology, enterprising dabbers started to build dab pens that could deliver amazing dabby results straight from your pocket.

In the last 5 years, the Herbalize Store has seen incredible advances in dab pens. Now they deliver incredible results at high precision and last for a long time. Finally! It has happened.

Why Add a Dab Pen to your Collection?

Why a dab pen and not just a normal dry herb vaporizer? Well, dear reader, that is totally up to you. There are some clear advantages over dry herbs, however, so check them out.


With a portable dry herb vape, you have to stir the herbs after a few hits to get the unvaped herbs closer to the heat source. No such problem with a dab pen: add the dab and hit it until there is nothing left.

Size and Discretion

A dry herb vape worth its salt has to have a chamber of a certain size to be functional. This makes them pretty big. A lot of them are very obviously vaporizers in your pocket, not exactly the most discreet of devices. The smaller ones can be very fiddly and not deliver great results (although they are pretty good these days).

Your new dab pen will probably be indistinguishable from the ecigarette vaporizers that are so common these days. Whip it out, hit the button, take a hit of your delicious dab, slip it back into your pocket. Everyone else just thinks you’re a nicotine addict, you know better!


This is totally subjective but a lot of people really love the taste of dab. It is so herbal. Generally, dabs do not get the burnt plant taste that you can get from dry herb vaping, so you get a very consistently tasty hit from the first to the last blast.


You can get a dab pen that will knock your socks off for less than $60 at the Herbalize Store. A dry herb vape of equivalent quality will set you back a bit more. Plus, concentrates can work out a lot more economical when you do the maths and have a good, consistent supply.


Different temperatures give you different amounts of vapor production, so having control over the voltage (see below) gives you an experience that can be tailored to your own tastes.

What are the Differences between Dab Pens?

To show you the differences, we are going to take a few dab pens available on the Herbalize Store and make a comparison. Each of these pens feature unique aspects that appeal to different users, so make sure you investigate thoroughly.

Dr Dabber Light

For under $50, you can pick one of these mini marvels up from the Herbalize Store. It is a remarkable invention. It is not much wider than a real pen and about the length of a chopstick. Even though it is feather light and supermodel thin, it packs a serious punch.

With this device, you get a titanium heating chamber for your dab. Pop a little in there with the provided dab tool, set your desired temperature from a range of presets, suck back a lungful and enjoy. It really is that simple. You can pre-load it for sly use on the go or load it up at home whenever you want to blast off.

The really cool thing about this tiny Dr Dabber is that the quality of the vape is very high. Often small dab pens sacrifice quality for size: not so here. It is something to do with their titanium construction, it lets the device get up to the proper temperature in the chamber without heating the rest of the pen up to finger burning temperatures. This means you get a great hit that previously only a larger dab pen could have delivered while staying safe and discreet.

Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

This is an even cheaper wax vaporizer pen but it has some remarkable technology in it. For under $60, you can pick up the Yocan Evolve with a dual quartz coil atomizer, secret compartment for your dab, and a quality vape.

It is bigger than the Dr Dabber Light but it features a powerful 1100mAh battery, USB charging, and a larger vaping chamber. Discreet enough to be seen as just another ecig but powerful enough to give you a few sessions when you are out of the house, it is a fantastic compromise between price, capability, and power.

Boundless CF-710

At the top range of the price range at the Herbalize Store, the Boundless CF-710 has all the features you would expect from a device of this price. It has an interchangeable ceramic coil or quartz coil heating chamber to give you exactly the vaping experience you want. The difference between a quartz coil and a ceramic coil can make or break a dab pen for some users: it tastes and feels different. The choice is yours.

It is super discreet (you can turn off all the lights for night time vaping), and the brilliant option of being able to dip the heating element into your concentrate while you inhale is a really great way of getting a quick and easy hit.

Plant a Tree with a Dab Pen

The Herbalize Store has a unique selling point: if you buy a vaporizer from them, they will plant a tree. The world needs more trees, everyone can agree. Making a vaporizer costs carbon dioxide and has a big environmental cost from obtaining the materials, so the Herbalize Store have teamed up with One More Tree Planted to get some more trees in the ground and less carbon dioxide in the air. You can hit your pen atomizer in good conscience, knowing you’ve done your bit.

What is Variable Voltage?

If you have taken a good look around the Herbalize Store, you will probably have noticed “variable voltage” as a selling point. Heating elements are powered by electricity being pushed through them. When you change the voltage, you change how much electricity is being pushed through, so if you turn it up, you get a hotter heating chamber.

Although manufacturers could just refer to it as a temperature control, it is a nice relic of the early dab rigs that you had to adjust the voltage on and try correlate it to a temperature or effect. Dab rigs and pens get much hotter than dry herb vapes, so it makes sense to have a different scale.

What Does 510 Thread Mean?

You might see this term on a lot of different dab pens, but what does it mean? In short, it means there are 10 threads that are 0.5mm apart that make up the screw on the battery in your vape. It is just a commonly used standard for batteries and tanks in vaporizers. There is nothing special about it, no matter what they tell you!

Adding to your Dab Pens Collection

A dab pen for home would be nice. A dab pen for going out with your pals would be just as nice. A dab pen for all occasions would be better. Thankfully, the choice at the Herbalize Store gives you all the options you need with the added benefit of environmental responsibility thrown in there.

Enjoying your wax vape pens in the way you want is important. If you are going to get the best experience you can from your portable vaporizers, you have got to check out all the competition! Look for all the features we have discussed, compare the prices, jot down your notes, choose the ones you want for your collection, and enjoy!