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Canada's most popular portable vapes

Modern Portable vaporizers have become beautiful functional tools with variations to suit your needs. This rapidly evolving industry has pushed the boundary of modern design and practicality. A vape user can carry a vape which works with them in their lifestyle. The easiest way to see what features you desire more, is just to pick a few vaporizers, and check out the features they come with to see what you care about more? do you want a show piece with lots of flair? there is a vape for that! want a small discreet vape to dose yourself on the go, which you can hide in your pocket? theres a vape for that too! With today many sought after features becoming available to more people at more affordable prices your dream Vaporizer is just a click away!

The collection includes portable vaporizers from the brands Arizer, Da Vinci, Firefly, Pax, Sticky Brick Labs, and Storz & Bickel, with each brand having the specific quality of a vaporizer that would be most ideal to your preferences.