Tree Plant Project - One tree planted for every sold device

Tree Plant Project

We plant one tree for every sold device


We believe that every person or organization contributing to a consumptionist society should give something back to mother earth in return. To us, lowering our carbon footprint is an obvious step in securing a better future for the planet we love and the next generations to come. Partnering with the amazing team at One More Tree Planted , we plant trees by the help of every sale on Herbalize Store.

Join us while we help to do our small part and #HerbalizeForTrees

We are focusing on Guatemala at the moment. Its just one of many places are working their magic planting trees with the help of locals.

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Guatemala has the second highest biodiversity in Central America (after Costa Rica). The country is home to 1,246 known species of animals and 8,681 species of plants, of which 13.5 percent are not found anywhere else in the world.

Most forest loss in Guatemala has resulted from agriculture and fuel-wood collection. Population pressures around protected areas has resulted in illegal timber harvesting and land clearing for agriculture, even inside national parks.

Creating a sustainable model for communities to harness their natural resources is essential to improving Guatemala’s forests and its social well being. Our partner has spent many years working with indigenous communities to build their trust. Almost 700 hectares of bio-diverse land around Laguna Brava has been protected with the help of such local communities. Empowering people to look after their own land in an economically and environmentally sustainable way is key to this project.


Empower local communities

Planting valuable hardwoods and shade-dependent cacao provides a sustainable, diversified path to economic success and independence for local communities,

Stabilize climate

Forests are an essential part of our planet’s carbon and water cycles. A fully grown tree can release hundreds of liters of water in one day! Healthy trees absorb carbon dioxide and keep climate stable.

Protect biodiversity

Guatemala is considered the 5h biodiversity hotspot in the world, with over 1200 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Healthy forests provide habitat for rare and endangered species.

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