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Cartridge Vaporizers

CCELL Palm Pro Battery Champagne
🎄SALE -20%
CCELL - Palm Pro Battery
C$39.00 C$49.00
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CCELL Silo 510 Cartridge Battery Black
🎄SALE -40%
CCELL - Silo Battery
Starting at C$29.00
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CCELL Palm Battery Black
🎄SALE -31%
CCELL - Palm Battery
C$33.00 C$48.45
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Puffco New Plus
🎄SALE -19%
Puffco New Plus
Starting at C$97.00
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Ccell M3 Battery Black Canada
🎄SALE -29%
CCELL - M3 Battery
C$12.00 C$17.00
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Gpen Micro All colors
🎄SALE -15%
G Pen Micro+
Starting at C$79.00
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G Pen Nova vape pen
🎄SALE -0
G Pen Nova
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BRNT 510 Battery Boreal Haze
🎄SALE -0
BRNT 510 Battery
C$24.99 Sold out
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KandyPens C Box PRO Black
🎄SALE -21%
KandyPens C Box PRO
C$69.49 C$89.00
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O Pen Battery colors
🎄SALE -27%
O.Pen Battery 2.0
C$39.99 C$54.90
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Dr. Dabber Universal 510 Battery Black
🎄SALE -15%
Dr. Dabber Universal 510 Battery
C$24.49 C$29.00
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Ryot Verb 510 Flip Battery Black
🎄SALE -20%
Ryot Verb 510 Flip Battery
C$39.00 C$49.00
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Best Cartridge Vaporizers in Canada

We only carry the best premium cartridge vaporizers on the market. From respected brands like CCELL, Dr Dabber, Vuber and Pulsar.

What is a Cartridge Vaporizer?

A cartridge vaporizer is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation. Cartridge vaporizers are similar to electronic cigarettes, but they use cartridges containing liquid instead of nicotine e-liquid.Cartridge vaporizers heat the liquid in the cartridge to produce vapor, which the user inhales.

There are many different types of cartridge vaporizers available on the market, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, some cartridge vaporizers are designed for use with dry herbs, while others are designed specifically for use with oils and waxes. Some cartridge vaporizers are disposable, while others can be reused after the cartridge is emptied.

What is a 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 thread battery is a type of battery that is commonly used for vaping. These batteries are named after the electrical connector that they use, which is known as a 510 connector. This type of battery is designed to work with atomizers and clearomizers that have a matching 510 threading. Many vapers prefer to use 510 thread batteries because they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of compatibility with different types of vaping devices.

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