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9.5 Mini Beaker with Color Accents by Hoss Glass - Amber
SAVE -9%
9.5" Mini Beaker with Color Accents by Hoss Glass
C$59.00 C$65.00
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Canada Puffin Chalet Steamroller
SAVE -5%
Chalet Steamroller
C$75.00 C$79.00
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Canada Puffin Stone Spoon Pipe
SAVE -11%
Stone Spoon Pipe
C$79.00 C$89.00
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Marley Natural  Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe Canada
SAVE -26%
Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe
C$51.00 C$69.00
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7mm Beaker with Downstem 18" by Hoss Glass Black
SAVE -6%
7mm Beaker with Downstem, 18" by Hoss Glass
C$139.00 C$149.00
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18 Inch Beaker with 8-Arm Tree Perc by Hoss Glass - H155 - Purple
SAVE -5%
18" Beaker with 8-Arm Tree Perc by Hoss Glass
C$199.00 C$210.00
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Dr dabber Boost EVO Canada
SAVE -19%
Dr. Dabber Boost EVO
C$349.00 C$433.00
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Marley Natural Steamroller Pipe Canada
SAVE -33%
Marley Natural Steamroller Pipe
C$59.00 C$89.00
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Products 18" Tartan Beaker with Plaid Pattern by Hoss Glass (H164) - Blue
SAVE -20%
18" Tartan Beaker with Plaid Pattern by Hoss Glass
C$159.00 C$200.00
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Puffco Peak Pro Indiglow and Black color
SAVE -12%
Puffco Peak Pro
Starting at C$482.00
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Marley Natural Small Taster
SAVE -32%
Marley Natural Small Taster
C$33.00 C$49.00
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Marley Natural Joint Holder
SAVE -30%
Pre-Roll Stasher By Marley Natural
C$33.95 C$49.00
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Glass Collection

Glass bongs— one of the most popular options for enjoying dry herb and concentrates. They have been apart of “weed culture”, and a favorite in the weed community since forever, and they continue to be a favorite. With the wide variety of glass bong options on today’s market, it’s easier for all weed lovers to find the perfect unit for them and their needs. No need to choose from a small number of boring options anymore— now, the bong market is oozing with quality and variety. Out of the endless number of glass bongs on the market, we have been able to meticulously sort, try, and choose only the best of the best, which is why we are able to boast so freely about to collection and what you can find inside it.

Why Choose A Glass Bong

Although nowadays, there are countless options for those wanting to enjoy the benefits of dry herb and concentrates, glass bongs continue to be a wonderful option. One of the most significant benefits of using a glass bong is the smooth hits they offer. Unlike smoking a joint, or using a pipe, glass bongs can be filled with chilled water, and cool down the smoke before it reaches the users lips. The refreshing hits glass bongs offer make it easier for users to enjoy their materials without having irritated throats. This is why glass bongs are more recommendable for those that prefer smoking instead of vaping, or other dry herb or concentrate options.

natural marley bubbler canada

Quality Brands

Here at Herbalize, we work hand in hand with some of the most well-known brands on the market. In our collection of glass bongs, you will be able to find some of the most popular units available today. These are the brands we are proud to offer… Higher Standards Marley Natural Premium Label Killer Bongs Famous Brands Cheche & Chong This is only a peek of the quality iceberg. Take a closer look at our collection, and you will be sure to find all of your favorite hidden-gem brands.

Endless Variety

Instead of limiting our users to only one boring type of items, we like to pack our collection with products that are special and unique in their own way, so that each user can find what’s perfect for them. In our collection, you will find glass bongs of all shapes, sizes and types. From big to small, long and short, fancy and simple. It’s all right here… simply choose your favorite, and you’ll soon be enjoying your materials like never before.