Roor Custom Blue 500 Bong - Classic Leopard Logo | Canada

Roor Custom Blue 500 Bong - Classic Leopard Logo

Included Free


  • Classic Straight Bong Design
  • German hand-made glass
  • Big Capacity for Big Hitters

Type: Bong


Roor (also spelled RooR) makes some of the best bongs in the business. Founded in 1995 by a German glassblower named Martin Birzle, the company quickly developed a reputation for quality borosilicate glass. This Custom Blue 500 Bong is surely no different and if anything only adds to the glowing reputation of the RooR brand. Featuring a classic Leopard Logo, this RooR Straight Bong has a very stylish design where simplicity is key. This RooR bong also features a Hexagon base which helps to improve stability as well as looking pretty sick. This is a bong for users of all experiences and there is no learning curve with this product.

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience testing the product.

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