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News, Reviews, and much more...

Arizer Solo 3 Speculation
We’re excited to see what the new Arizer Solo 3 or Solo Max will have to offer. This vaporizer is slated to be released in 2022 and we think it’s going to be a pretty big upgrade from the last model.

Arizer Air MAX Review
We Review Arizer Air Max features and look at all of the great qualities that made those products so popular. Find out about the new improvements of the new Arizer Air Max.

Arizer XQ2 Review
Arizer XQ2 Review - Overview We've had our hands on the new Arizer XQ Vaporizer for a few days. So now it's time to provide you guys with a complet...

The Arizer Air 2 vs the Pax 3
This article compares two high quality, portable vaporizers that are well known in the vape community; the Arizer Air 2 vs the Pax 3. Which vaporizer won? Find out here!

The Arizer Air 2 vs Solo 2 Vaporizer
In this article, we will be reviewing two popular vaporizers that are manufactured by the well known Arizer.

Arizer ArGo Vs Davinci IQ
Today we will compare the DaVinci IQ and the Arizer ArGo. In our opinion, they are both very good Dry Herb Vaporizers but they are quite different in some ways. Let's see how they compare!

Arizer Extreme Q Review
The Arizer Extreme Q presents a high quality desktop vaporizer for a relatively low price. Available for under $200, it competes admirably with desktop vaporizers that sell for much higher prices, not only on price but with the excellent vapor and build quality.

Arizer Solo 2 Review
The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that has been on the market for a while and it comes from Canadian manufacturer Arizer, who is known for building solid, reliable vaporizers. Find out everything you need to know here!

Arizer Air 2 Review
The Arizer Air II portable vaporizer is the successor to the madly popular Arizer Air. It is brought by Canadian manufacturer, Arizer, who has built a reputation for making high-quality, reliable portable vapes.

Arizer ArGo Review
Curious about the ArGo? Here's our review of the Arizer ArGo and our experience with it. The ArGo is a small vape with a lot of power. It produces good clouds as it combines conduction and convection heating. It's quite a clever little device, and of course, being small, it's very portable.

Arizer Air 2 Cleaning Guide
Arizer Air 2 Cleaning Tips | Since you load your herbs in the stem of the Arizer Air 2, that’s the area in which most of the residue from your herbs collects. The best part is that glass is incredibly easy to clean.

Arizer ArGo Cleaning Guide
This might be one of the easiest vapes to clean but there are still a few things that might be good to keep in mind. This article will guide you through the process to make it as smooth as possible.

Unboxing Arizer Air 2
Unboxing the Arizer Air 2 | In this video we will show you what´s in the box when you get the air 2. This is a great upgrade from the original Air and our team at HerbalizeStore like it a lot.

Arizer Solo 2 Cleaning Guide
The Complete Arizer Solo 2 Cleaning Guide. Cleaning the Solo 2  is a breeze! Find out if you are doing it right and check out these Pro Tips! 

PAX 3 vs Arizer ArGo
Two great portable vaporizers go head to head! Find out how the Arizer ArGo and the Pax 3 Vaporizer compare!

Arizer Argo vs Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air 2
Arizer Solo II vs. Air II vs. ArGo - The portable vaporizers from Arizer have a great reputation! Find out why!