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Herbalize Store´s Vaporizer Blog Canada

News, Reviews, and much more...

G Pen Micro+ Plus Review
G Pen Micro+ Plus is perfect for anyone who loves concentrates. The Micro+ is compatible with THC/CBD 510 cartridges so you can enjoy your favorite concentrate strains wherever you are.

G Pen Elite 2 Review
The G Pen Elite 2 is the next generation of vaporizers from G Pen. This new and improved model of the popular How much better is it? What's new? We answer it all!

G pen Pro vs Elite
In this article we are going to review and compare the G Pen Pro and the G Pen Elite. Both are dry herb vaporizers that have been on the market for some time. They are each popular for their own reasons and come at similar price points

G Pen Pro Review
The G Pen Pro was released in 2014 and has seen upgrades since. Designed specifically as a dried herb vaporizer that can handle session use and extended periods of vaping.

Grenco G Pen Elite Review
Pen vaporizers tend to prioritize size and mobility over the number of features a larger portable vaporizer generally packs. The Grenco G Pen Elite is a little chunkier, but in return offers a relatively small vape with a whole load more functions than a standard pen.