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Post BFCM 2018 Vaporizer Sale

November 27, 2018

Post BFCM 2018 Vaporizer Sale

Limited Time Post BFCM 2018 Vaporizer Sale

The 2018 BFCM Vaporizer sale is over for this time and us at Herbalize Store want to thank everyone that has been participating this year. For those of you who missed out on this great opportunity, we are happy to announce that we will extend it with a limited time post-BFCM sale. We hope you find something you like and if you have any questions we are always here on the live chat to give you good and prompt advice to find the best vaporizer for you and your specific needs!

Storz & Bickel Vaporizer

  • $80 OFF the Classic Volcano code: (Storz80) 
  • $80 OFF the Digital Volcano code: (Storz80)
  • $50 OFF the Mighty code: (Storz50)
  • $50 OFF the Crafty code: (Storz50)
  • $50 OFF the Plenty code: (Storz50)

FireFly 2 Vaporizer

  • $80 OFF the Firefly 2 code: (Firefly80)

Cloudious 9 Vaporizer

  • $50 OFF the Hydrology 9 code: (Hydrology50)
DaVinci Vaporizer
  • $40 OFF the DaVinci IQ code: (Davinci40)

G Pen Vaporizer

  • $20 OFF the Grenco Science G Pen Elite code: (Elite20)

Dr. Dabber Vaporizer

  • $80 OFF the Dr. Dabber Switch code: (Switch80)

Puffco Vaporizer

  • $80 OFF the Puffco Peak Code: (Peak80)


Edit: Sale ended November 30.

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