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FireFly 2+

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Firefly 2+ Vaporizer

The long-awaited Firefly 2+ is finally here, and vape fans worldwide are already loving it. The Firefly 2+ has had an impressive welcome to the market, with shops selling out in a matter of hours. But why? What makes the Firefly 2+ vaporizer different from the thousands of other vape units on the market?

Well, the 2+ isn’t the first vape unit manufactured by Firefly that has sold out in an impressive amount of time. The 2+’s predecessor, the Firefly 2 also became a favourite in record time and was showing up on ‘best dry herb vape’ lists everywhere. So, it isn’t hard to understand why this improved, and upgraded Firefly vaporizer has reached the top in a matter of hours. But, is the Firefly 2+ worth all these sold outs? Keep reading and you’ll soon find out.

FireFly 2 plus Features

  • Dry Herb & Concentrate
  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Dynamic Convection Heating
  • Rapid heat up time
  • Bluetooth App technology
  • 6 Preset Temperatures
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • 0.2g Bowl Size
  • Made in the USA
FireFly 2 plus Vaporizer gold in hand

Overview of Firefly 2+ Key Features

With the small yet key improvements that are seen in the new Firefly 2+, there is not a doubt that it will be capable of offering a vape experience that is even more impressive than its predecessor. The 2+ vape has features that are like nothing we’ve seen before on other Firefly vapes.

FireFly 2 plus Vaporizer gold woman vaping

Compact Design

One of the things that makes the Firefly 2+ such a great vape, is its small, compact design. Nothing better than a small-sized, portable vape unit, am I right?

Durable Body

Thanks to the strong magnesium alloy body and a magnetic lid that the Firefly 2+ boasts, it gets to be categorized as a sturdy, durable unit.

Powerful Convection Heating

There is nothing better than a well-made convection vaporizer, and that is exactly what the Firefly 2+ is.

Impressive Heat-up Time

The Firefly 2+ is one of those incredibly rare vape units that are able to vape materials in a matter of seconds and offer delicious vapor instantly.

Easy to Use App

The Firefly 2+ has a new and improved mobile app that allows users to have an easier, stress-free time with temperature control and other key functions.

Versatile Material Usage

Unlike other vape units on the market, the 2+ vape is capable of not only vaporizing dry herbs, but also sticky concentrates. It does this completely without the need of a concentrate insert, which is a lot more user-friendly than many other vaporizers on the market.

What Makes the Firefly 2+ Unique

There are thousands and thousands of vaporizers on today’s market, which can make choosing a quality vape complicated. However, there can sometimes be a vape unit that stands out from the other options and proves to be unique. The Firefly 2+ vaporizer is one of those units.

Delicious Taste & Quality Vapor

Vapor production and quality is one of the most important parts of a vaporizer, and the manufacturers of the Firefly 2+ knew that perfectly. With the Firefly 2+, users are able to enjoy delicious, high-quality vapor always. Whether you are vaping dry herb material or concentrate, the vapor quality of both is equally great. For dry herb vaping we recommend using a rougher grind and not packing your bowl too tightly.


One of the things that makes the 2+ vape stand out from other dry herb vapes on the market is the fact that it was designed to be used on the go, and was designed to offer a more portable vape experience. The battery has also been improved to last for more sessions.

Quality for a Great Price

Another thing that makes the Firefly 2+ stand out is its affordable, cheap price. When compared to other units on today’s market, the 2+ definitely stands out and shows itself to be not only cheap but also high quality for its price.

FireFly 2 Plus Vaporizer Zebra man vaping

No Tedious Maintenance

All vaporizers need to be cleaned and maintained to work flawlessly. However, there are some units that offer a more stress-free vape experience, and the Firefly 2+ is one of them. Cleaning the 2+ is easy, and it only requires key maintenance steps to function faultlessly.

FireFly 2 plus Vaporizer gold being used

Firefly 2 vs Firefly 2+ - Has it Improved?

The Firefly 2+ is considered the new and improved version of its ‘big brother’, the Firefly 2. But, has it actually improved? Are there any things that make it better than the original? There definitely are. Here are a few:

It´s Cheaper

Yep, one of the first things that makes the 2+ different from the original 2 is the fact that it is cheaper. The Firefly 2+ vape unit not only improved in functions and quality but also in price. It can’t get better than that!

Improved Battery Life

The Firefly 2+ boasts a new and improved battery life that is able to offer users longer vape sessions and more vape time. With the 2+ vape, there’s less worrying about charging and more enjoying delicious vapor.

Cooler Design

Although the Firefly 2 plus does not look too different when compared to the original model, it has one key change in its design. A small 'window' houses the Firefly logo, and a light shines through it when it is turned on or it is vaporized. A small yet exciting change.

Is the Firefly 2+ Worth it?

The Firefly 2+ sold out in a matter of hours, and people in the vape community are asking “when will the Firefly 2+ come out?!”, and “where can I buy the Firefly 2+?”. That is pretty impressive even for a unit that has been upgraded. However, is it worth all this hype?

As you can see from the improvements mentioned above, the Firefly 2+ definitely did see some changes and was redesigned to offer a more enjoyable vape experience. With improved features, settings and even design, there is no doubt that it deserves all this attention.

However, just because it has been improved in some ways does not mean that it is perfect. The firefly 2+ has its flaws like all other vape units in today’s market. One of the main problems experienced by Firefly 2+ users is a restrictive draw.

With both the Firefly 2 and 2+, users have complained about restricted, hard to pull draw. But considering the incredible price the Firefly 2+ vaporizer is set at, those small, simple imperfections don’t detract enough from its quality to make it a non-recommendable vape.

So, with everything that the Firefly 2+ has to offer, it is easy to say that all the hype and excitement is more than worth it. When vape lovers say that they love the Firefly 2+, they sure know what they’re saying, for it is one of the best options on today’s vape market.

How to Use the Firefly 2+

A great thing about the Firefly 2+ is the fact that it is super easy to use. There are only a few key steps that users need to do, and they can easily enjoy the delicious vapor. There is one thing however that makes using the Firefly 2+ different from other processes.

Thanks to the fact that the Firefly 2+ offers a versatile material experience and can be enjoyed with both dry herb and concentrates, there are two simple yet unique ways to prepare and use the unit, and they both are broken down into 4 simple, easy steps.

How to Vape Dry Herbs with the Firefly 2+

  1. Remove the lid from the frontal part of the Firefly 2 plus’s body and place less than 0.2 grams of dry herbs, then replace the lid tightly.
  2. To start the heating process (which happens in a matter of seconds) simply touch the sensor.
  3. The heating will be complete once the logo shines green.
  4. You can then inhale from 7 to 10 seconds from the mouthpiece and enjoy delicious vapor from your favourite dry herb! It’s that easy.

How to Vape Concentrates with the Firefly 2+

  1. Just like with the dry herb process, start out by removing the lid, and placing a Firefly 2+ concentrate pad into the heating chamber and carefully dabbing a bit of wax before replacing the lid.
  2. Touch the sensor to start the heating system.
  3. Wait until the logo turns green.
  4. Inhale delicious, quality vapor for 7 to 10 seconds and enjoy!

What Comes Included with the Firefly 2+

  • The Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Firefly 2+ Concentrate Pads
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Charging Dock

Technical Specifications

Size 5.1 in / 13 cm Length
Weight 4.9 oz / 140 g
Heating Type Convection
It Can Vaporize Dry herb & Concentrates
Temperature Range 284° - 428° F / 140° - 220° C from the App
Temp Presets 6 Preset
Heat Up Time Less than 10 Seconds
Chamber Material Ceramic
Chamber Capacity 0.2 G
Vapor Path Material Borosilicate Glass Airpath
Types of material usable inside Dry leaf / wax / extract / etc.
Dry herb capacity (in grams) 0.2g
Extract attachment Full range of attachments available
Control / setting interface Buttons on device (up/down/menu) / LED screen
Delivery method Direct pull
Body material Stainless steel
Mouthpiece material Boro silicate glass
Manufacturer FireFly
Made in USA

Information Sourced from the Manufacturer

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