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  • I kind of use this method but do not freeze the plant material. After I decarb, I let it cool then add the liquor of choice. Then put in a water bath for 2 hours on low. I do leave the alcohol and weed together for 4 days and it works pretty good.

  • After making QWET freezer tincture, is placing the open jar in a little crock pot (outside)around 160 degrees with water to evaporate the alcohol a good idea?

  • Hey Rosie & Theresa. I’m no scientist but don’t think it’s a good idea to cook alcohol while it’s enclosed (with the lid on) in glass. The pressure could cause the glass to burst.

  • Theresa

    When using the crock pot method with the 151 rum, how long does the mason jar simmer in the crock pot on low, and is the crock pot lid also on?

  • Using the heat extraction method is relatively risk free if you put the alcohol (I used 151 proof rum) and ground decarboxylated weed in a mason jar with the mason jar lid on tight, then place the mason jar in at least 3 inches of water in a crock pot on the low setting. Cool before opening the jar. The closed jar ensures that the alcohol does not boil off, but remains in the jar. Any gaseous alcohol condenses back to liquid once it is cooled. Strain and voila- tincture.

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