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Penguin Vaporizer Review

December 07, 2018

Penguin Vaporizer Review

In this Penguin vaporizer review we’ll be going over all the Penguin vaporizer’s strongest points and giving you an overall review regarding performance, vapor quality, temperatures, and of course the design and materials used to create this awesome vaporizer which is available in Canada.

Penguin vaporizer

Materials and Appearances

Designed to resemble the Emperor Penguin, the Penguin vaporizer stands at 10cm tall and 2.2cm wide. The Penguin vaporizer has a cylindrical shape and has a very comfortable mouth piece in a peaking form. This vaporizer is really easy to carry and handle throughout the day due to its shape; and its weight is just right.

Due to its convenient shape and size, the Penguin vaporizer is also easily concealed, easily accessed, rather portable, and discreet no matter where your adventure might take you.

The LED temperature indicator is easily read, used, and manipulated. Penguin vaporizer owners love the accessibility that this vaporizer boasts.

Made from high quality aluminum, the Penguin’ body is sleek, smooth, and handsome. It comes in a variety of different colours which you can browse in the drop down menu on herbalizestore. All colours are beautiful and cater to all kinds of different preferences. This is a good quality regarded among Penguin vaporizer owners because not all vaporizers offer different colours.

The dry herbs are vaporized quality ceramic cradle; it is heated and vaporized there. High quality ceramic is always the way to go when the vaporizer heats the herb through conduction heating because it will take less time to hat up, and will be easy to clean and keep clean after using it.

The mouth piece is a great shape. It feels natural, and the silicone makes it smooth on the lips. In addition to this, since the vaporizer is mouth to lung, the mouthpiece creates the perfect amount of resistance when you draw your hit.

Penguin vaporizer

Battery and Heating Technology

Next on our Penguin review, we’ll talk about the vaporizer’s battery and heating system.

Powered by a 1600mah battery, the Penguin has a very potent power source. The battery is charged by means of a USB (provided with the vaporizer), and all it takes is 2 to 2.5 hours to fully charge it. After only 2 to 2.5 hours, you are able to get a long battery life. It lasts most Penguin vaporizer owners all day, or up to 2 days, depending on their use.

The heating method is through a powerful conduction heating system. The powerful battery conducts heat through the ceramic walls of the oven or “cradle”, and begins to vaporize with no hesitation.

The heating time for this Penguin vaporizer is around 30 seconds, and you only have to press the fire button to get it started.

This herbal vaporizer also comes with 5 temperature settings to suit every mood; whether you want to chill and vape casually or if you want to blow some huge vape clouds. The temperature ranges from 356 to 428 F (180 to 220 C), and are easily modified on the display screen for extra convenience.

Penguin vaporizer

Vapor Quality and Flavor

The Penguin vaporizer truly delivers its best when it comes to vapor production, vapor quality, and vapor taste.

Depending on the temperature you’re vaping at, the vapor has an amazing taste and feels great in your lungs and mouth. It is not too hot, like many other vaporizers can come to be; and the taste remains great throughout your vaporizing session.

The quality of vapor is great with these little vaporizers. The Penguin vaporizer owners really love that they can always rely on getting the perfect hit every time from their unit. Although it is small, it can produce huge hits; and on top of that, they always taste great.

Also, as mentioned above, the ceramic chamber the herb sits in makes cleaning your vaporizer really easy and convenient. Cleaning your vaporizer as often as possible will ensure that you get every single little bit of THC and flavor out of your dry herb.

Penguin vaporizer

The Penguin Compared to Other Vaporizers

There are many other models, designs, and concepts on the market today. So with that you get such a large variety of different options that you may just get overwhelmed.

In the category of a compact and portable dry herb vaporizer, the Penguin unit makes a statement. It makes up for its size in quality, durability, and ease of use.

In comparison to the Pax 3, for instance, it is less interactive (as the Pax 3 has an app to control the vape unit, and some bonus games), but is it less effective? No. The quality of product you’re getting when you buy a Penguin is something you’ll never regret doing.

Of course, when compared to larger or more technologically innovative vaporizers, the Penguin is much simpler and less flashy. Take in mind the Hydrology 9 and its cooling system and innovative design, for instance. Of course, it as a water cooling system and water filtration system which the penguin does not have.

But at the Penguin vaporizer’s price point, it is really one of the best you can buy. The shape, the quality, the battery life and potency, and the vaporizer’s overall performance is a really great option for anyone in the Canada.

So, if you like what you’re reading, go out and buy yourself an Emperor Penguin vaporizer and enjoy your care free, hands on adventures with your new vaporizer!

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