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Arizer Stem Cap PACK

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  • Arizer Certified Product
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Air 2 and Solo 2 glass stems

Arizer Stem Cap 4 PACK

Don't like to pack your stems when vaping in public? Solution: Pre pack your glass stems at home! Arizer Stem Caps are always included when purchasing a Arizer Go Vaporizer or other Arizer Vaporizers. However for some "unknown" reason they are really easy to lose. Get some extra!

How to use Arizer Stem Caps?

  1. Grind your dry herbs, fill them up into the bottom part your Arizer Glass Stem.
  2. Press firmly and pack the dryherbs using your finger.
  3. Plug the Stem to cover the Dry herbs using the Stem Cap.
  4. Your pre-packed Stem is now sealed and ready to store the herbs until needed.
  5. Simply remove the Stem Cap from the Stem prior to your next vape session.

What's in the box?

  • 4x Official Arizer Stem Caps


*Please note these stems does not fit Arizer ARGO vaporizer

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer.