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Storz & Bickel Parts

Crafty Plus Case Storz and Bickel
Crafty Plus Case
C$28.00 Sold out
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Mighty Plus Case Storz and Bickel
Mighty Plus Case
C$29.00 Sold out
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Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules Canada
Storz & Bickel Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules
C$15.99 Sold out
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Mighty Wear & Tear Set
Mighty Wear & Tear Set
C$71.45 Sold out
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Mighty seal ring o ring
Mighty Seal Ring Set
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Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit
Mighty Cooling Unit
C$38.00 Sold out
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Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsule Set - 40 Count
Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsule Set - 40 Count
C$35.00 Sold out
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Filling Set for 40 Dosing Caps
Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules
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Storz and Bickel Capsule Caddy Holder Keychain
Storz & Bickel Capsule Caddy Holder Keychain
C$9.50 Sold out
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Volcano Mighty Plenty Crafty Cleaning Brush 3 pack
Storz and Bickel Cleaning Brush - 3 Pack
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Solid Valve Balloon Bags for Volcano Device
Volcano Balloon Bags
C$19.00 C$24.00 Sold out
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Mighty Car Charger
Mighty Car Charger
C$39.00 Sold out
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Storz & Bickel Accessories

Storz and Bickel is well known within the vaping community thanks to their incredibly high quality vaporizers and their unique take on vaporizers. Storz and Bickel is actually one of the oldest vaporizer brands and has been respected since it began designing vaporizers.

With cult-favorites like the Mighty vaporizer and the Volcano vaporizer, they always find a way to deliver the best of the best vaporizers without fail. 

But apart from vaporizers, they design amazing vaporizer accessories to enhance the user experience with all of their vape units. We highly recommend getting a few accessories and seeing just how great they are, and how they enhance your vaping experience!

Mighty Accessories

We offer a plethora of accessories for the famous Mighty portable vaporizer - from dosing capsule packs and filling sets for your capsules to extra liquid pads and screen packs. 

We also offer a full ‘Wear and Tear Set’ which basically combines all of the most popular accessories into one bundle for you to get all the favorites at an amazing price. Check it out here!

Apart from all the amazing accessories, you can also find replacement pieces such as a cooling chamber, a power adapter and more!

We highly recommend trying out at least a few of the accessories for the Mighty, since you will definitely find some that you like!

Crafty Accessories

The Crafty vaporizer is basically the Mighty’s smaller sibling -- therefore, the accessories are similar to the Mighty’s accessories but personalized to fit the smaller size of this vaporizer unit.

In addition to this, you will also find the customer-favorite ‘Wear and Tear Set’, in which you will receive all the essentials for an amazing price! 

In addition to these, you can find liquid pads, a glass spacer (which cuts your chamber size in half to allow you to vape small personal sessions), and a screen set. And we didn’t forget to include a lipset and extra power adapter

Crafty Plus Accessories

In 2019, Storz & Bickel have released an upgraded version of the Crafty, the Crafty +. This new concentrate and dry herb vaporizer rival with its older brother, the mighty, thanks to its improved battery, and perfect draw resistance.

The Crafty Plus comes with different accessories like dosing capsule, and base seal rings or screens. However, compared to the Crafty's box, there is no cleaning brush, grinder, or filling aid.

We offer you a pack of 40 dosing capsules, the filling set with another 40 capsules, and a capsule cady to keep everything in place and tidy.

Plenty Accessories

With the Plenty vaporizer, you can find all the essentials and favorites in the ‘Wear and Tear Set’, just like for the other 2 vaporizer units -- so if you like convenience, we suggest jumping right to the W&T Set.

We also offer liquid pad packs on their own, and a filling chamber for your personal vaping sessions, since saving product and money is always the best!

But you can also find replacement pieces such as the cooling unit and mouthpieces. We highly suggest always keeping at least one backup set of pieces on-hand for those moments when you most need them. 

Volcano Accessories

For Volcano vaporizers, we offer a number of different parts and pieces that will both enhance your vaping experience, and allow you to vape with ease! 

We offer all you need for the Easy Valve:

We also offer all the parts you need for the Solid Valve including its plastic housingO-Ring setsfilling chambers for liquids, the simple filling chamber insert for the same piece, and so much more. 

We highly recommend taking a look at all we have to offer for this all-time favorite desktop vaporizer!

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