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Pax 2 Accessories Overview

We love this vaporizer. The PAX 2 vaporizer always delivers amazing vapor, it is very high quality, and it’s aesthetically pleasing -- like really. But there’s much more -- it has accessories! Take a look below at all we have to offer in PAX 2 accessories:

Pax 2 Screens

This set of screens comes with 3 PAX 2 screens. They are super high quality,easy to clean, and a super great investment. Having vaporizer screens available is always a great idea because they are essential to ensuring that every time you vape, the vapor tastes and feels amazing.


Chargers are way too easy to lose - we know this much too well. We also know that they can get damaged every once in a while, unfortunately. But not to worry! You will still be able to charge your PAX 2 vaporizer with this special PAX 2 vaporizer charger. It comes complete with all you need to start charging immediately: the USB cable and its AC adapter unit.

Multi Tool

This little multi-tool is actually a really great purchase if you own a PAX 2 or 3 vaporizer. It serves both as a packing tool and a product-removal tool. So you can easily pack your PAX 2 with your favorite product, and then clean it out after your session with one small tool. It’s made from the best quality heat-resistant materials which keep you safe and make the tool super long-lasting. Highly recommended!