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Airvape XS GO Vaporizer
AirVape XS GO
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Airvape X Vaporizer Canada
AirVape X
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AirVape OM
AirVape OM
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Airvape Legacy vaporizer Canada
AirVape Legacy
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AirVape Vaporizers Canada 

AirVape are a product of Apollo Vaporizers, a California-based vape company. Apollo was founded by Roland Szegi, a Hungarian entrepreneur who discovered the vape industry through his first business, a retail site that handled various vaporizer brands. This experience taught him a lot, including the demand in the market for a high-quality, slim vaporizer. 

This vaporizer would be the AirVape X.

This vaporizer set the benchmark for all subsequent AirVape products. All of which are unified by their innovative design, fantastic technology, and careful attention paid to the manufacturing process to guarantee quality. 

AirVape Vaporizers FAQ 

AirVape vaporizers are dedicated to portable perfection. All of their vapes are powerful and reliable, but their slimline design is compact enough to fit into anybody's pocket. Each AirVape vaporizer is a sleek, thin vaporizer designed to take up even less space than your smartphone. They are perfect for anyone who doesn't like to draw a lot of attention when they vape, thanks to an understated, discreet design philosophy. 

Their product caters to every possible vape experience including dry herb, concentrates, e-liquids, and much more. Whatever your material, you won't have to wait around for your vape to heat up. State-of-the-art heating technology makes sure that it will be ready whenever you are. 

1. Is There An AirVape For Dry Herb? 

AirVape has a range of high-quality vaporizers designed for use with dry herb. The AirVape X is the company's foundational vape, but also one of its finest dry herb vaporizers. So much so, that it is available in a range of additional models from the Artist Edition to the X SE. 

2. Does AirVape Provide A Warranty?

Not only are AirVape vaporizers built to the highest possible standard, they are also covered by a lifetime warranty. If this wasn't enough, AirVape provides a huge range of high-quality replacement parts, so you can keep your vape in immaculate condition. 

3. Is There An AirVape For Concentrates?

AirVape has two high quality and discreet vaporizers that are perfect for concentrate fans. The AirVape OM is an ultra-compact concentrate vaporizer that is so small it features a keyring attachment. If that isn't small enough the Hippie Nano+ is an even smaller vaporizer built for use with oil-type concentrates. 

4. What Are The Price Ranges of AirVape Vaporizers?

While they are built to an exacting standard, AirVape vaporizers are extremely affordable. They're perfect for those taking their first steps into the world of vaporizers, or those looking to add a little something extra to their vape kit. 

5. What Sort of Heating System do AirVapes Use?

All AirVape dry herb vaporizers utilize convection heating systems. This works by heating the air surrounding your herb, gradually evaporating the active ingredients out into a dense and flavorful vapor.

Concentrate Vapes, such as the OM, use atomizer heating systems to instantly vaporize concentrate for potent, tasty hits.

What Makes AirVape Stand Out?

AirVapes are a relative newcomer to the vape industry and have yet to develop a range of products as large as industry leaders like Pax or DaVinci. However, AirVape vaporizers are as distinctive and stylish as any of the big names. Their discreet and slick vaporizers are ideal for the casual user who occasionally partakes or for the vape aficionado who wants a more low-key option for parties or festivals.

1. Compact and Slick

AirVape vaporizers were designed to fill the need for a compact and slick vaporizer. The AirVape X is a slimline vaporizer with a discreet and understated design. If this wasn't enough, the two concentrate vaporizers in the AirVape stable, the Om, and the Nano+ are even smaller. The concentrate vape OM is so small that it even features a keyring attachment. 

2. A Range of Replacement Parts

AirVape pays close attention to their product at every stage of the manufacturing process. This is to ensure that their products measure up to the level of quality they have built their name on. This dedication doesn't end when you take their products home. AirVape offers a lifetime warranty for their products. Not only this, they also sell a range of replacement parts for all their products, greatly extending their life. 

3. High Quality Materials

AirVape vaporizers are made with the finest materials. Their fantastic quality is achieved by the combination of careful engineering and sustainable, quality materials such as black ceramic, glass, hemp textile, vegan leather, and even gold.

AirVape Vape Recommendations

While their range of products is still developing, AirVape still has a fantastic range of products. These work with a range of materials, so there's something for nearly any vape fan. 

  • Beginners: The AirVape X is a sleek and simple dry herb vape that won't break the bank, ideal for first-time users. 
  • Casual Users: The AirVape XS GO is compact and simple to use, perfect for occasional or casual users. 
  • Advanced Vapers: The AirVape Legacy is a premium vaporizer for advanced users. It offers a range of cutting edge features which include pure convection heating, wireless charging, and a golden microdosing basket.

Final Thoughts on AirVape Vaporizers

AirVape vapes are of high quality, discreet, reliable, and low cost. This makes them ideal for beginners taking their first steps into the vape scene. Their discreet size and decent vapor quality mean that they make a great addition to any vape veterans kit, too. 

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