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Jade East Dab Rig & Bong

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  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 14mm Joint Size
  • 45mm Tubing
  • Multiple Colors

Type: Dab Rig

Jade East Dab Rig & Bong

The Jade East Dab Rig From Cheech & Chong is a efficient bubbler made out of highly durable, hick and heat-resistant glass. The bubbler is equipped with a percolator that’s connected to the built-in down stem to help cool the vapor down. It has a 14.5mm male joint as well as a 14.5mm female vapor dome/nail. Another great design feature is the two handles for easy removal of the dome when it’s time to clear the dab rig. At 7.25 inches/18.4 cm tall this is a very compact and portable Dab Rig that you can take anywhere to enjoy a nice dab sesh with friends.

Cheech & Chong Jade East Dab Rig Features

  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Perfect for concentrates and essential oils
  • Double-tier showerhead percolator
  • Fixed down stem
  • 14.5mm male joint
  • 14.5mm female vapor dome with roll stopper handles
  • Glass concentrate nail included
  • Stable circular foot
  • Apple green glass accents
  • Decorated with Cheech & Chong's decal

Jade East Dab Rig Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cheech & Chong
  • color: clear with green accents
  • Height: 18.5 cm / 7.25 inch
  • Joint Size: 14.5 mm