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Fury 2 Vaporizer

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Type: Portable

Fury 2 Vaporizer Key Features

This is manufactured by Healthy Rips which is a team that wants to share their health-conscious lifestyle with other people through their budget-friendly and high-quality vaporizers. While “budget-friendly” and “high-quality” might not sound right side by side for many people, Healthy Rips made it possible for these two worlds to collide together and describe the vaporizers that they offer to the public. Their first masterpiece was FORCE vaporizer which is a huge success. But their latest and most powerful creation as of today is the breathtaking FURY 2 dry herb vaporizer.

  • For Dry Herbs & Concentrates
  • Temperature range 320°F - 430°F / 160°C - 220°C
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • 3 Clicks On/Off
  • Stealth Mode
  • Glass Vapour Path
  • fury 2 healthy rips

    Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer

    The Healthy Rips Fury 2 is a solid vaporizer that everyone would love to check out. It has a classy and elegant design that will catch your eye. The tiny unibody design of the Fury 2 is very lightweight. 


    The Fury 2 is a portable vaporizer that a lot of people will love, and there are a lot of reasons why they would. When it comes to design, this pocket sized vaporizer is straightforward. It is made of Kirksite alloy which makes it very lightweight. The body’s size allows users to perfectly fit the vaporizer in their pockets and hold it firmly when using. In addition to this, the alloy unibody is covered with a rubberized material. The purpose of this design is to prevent users from dropping this device, therefore, prolonging its life span as well.

    LED Display

    There are a lot of premium features that one will find in the Fury 2 vaporizer. One of them is that it can heat up very quickly which is great if you don’t want to waste your time. It has a heat-up time of only 20 seconds. Plus, you will be able to monitor the battery life and the temperature with the help of its OLED display.

    Vapour quality

    This vaporizer uses a hybrid heating method, a mix between conduction and convection heating technology, in order to produce vapour from your favourite materials. Don't judge the Fury 2 by its size, it produces big clouds with low draw resistance, and in terms of flavour, it's very nice and it's better than average!

    Battery life & Charging

    The HR Fury 2 vaporizer charges in less than 90 minutes which will give a couple of sessions or 50 minutes of continuous use on one charge. To make it work or to change the temperature, you won't need an app. And the other handy thing is that the Fury 2 comes with a micro-USB charger and its wall charger. If you want to hang out at some friends' and run out of battery, you will always have someone with a micro-USB charger to save your evening!

    Average battery life 50 minutes
    Recharge Time 75 - 90 minutes

    Cleaning the Fury 2

    Cleaning the chamber of the Fury 2 vape is also extremely easy. With the removable steel screen, users will find it easier to clean and change the material they want to use. This is extremely important for anyone who wants to have a fresh flavour all the time.

    What Does the Manufacturer Say About It?

    Healthy Rips is really proud of his new device. "This device is excellent for stealthy use on the road with plenty of power for home use as well. Whether you take short or long draws - this little beast delivers!" The Fury 2 is an improved version of the Fury vaporizer, with lots of new features like the Stealth mode, the smell cover or the sleep timer.

    What Our Staff Is Saying About the Fury 2?

    The size of this vape is pretty handy, it's smaller than the Argo which is quite surprising. We were really surprised by the quick heating time, just  25 seconds! However, we've noticed that the bowl will be a bit too small if you want to share it with other people. Overall, we think the Fury 2 vaporizer would be a good vape for someone looking for discretion. And thanks to its mouthpiece cover the vape is odour-proof which is really useful!

    What's In The Box?

    Aside from the vaporizer itself, the package includes a protective top cover, a micro-USB charger, and a silicone screen piece that is very easy to use and clean. There is also a stainless steel oil pad, a loading tool, a brush, tweezers, a user manual, and of course 1-year warranty. Now that’s a package that will really give you a great vaping experience!

    • 1 x Fury 2 Vaporizer
    • ​1 x Protective 'Smell' Cover
    • 1 x Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Oil & Wax Pad
    • 1 x Extra Screen & O-Ring Set
    • 1 x Wall Charger
    • 1 x USB Charging Cord
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush
    • 1 x Tweezers
    • 1 x Wax Tool
    • 1 x User Manual
    fury 2 healthy rips


    When you look at the price tag of the Healthy Rips Fury 2, you will not believe that it has amazing features that are mostly seen only in higher end vaporizers. This is why this device holds a lot of potential. At an affordable price, Healthy Rips manufactured a vaporizer that has a useful OLED display, a unique and elegant design, and of course, an efficient anatomy that will give the users the best vaping experience. The Fury 2 is a vaporizer that has a lot to offer.

    Technical Specifications

    Size (Height, Width, Depth) 50 x 27.3 x 81mm (2"x 1" x 3.2")
    Weight 4.8 Ounces​ / 135 grams
    Types of usable material inside Dry herbs and Concentrates
    Dry herb capacity (in grams) .175g to .205g
    Heat power source Convection and Conduction Heating Technology
    Temperature range 320°F - 430°F / 160°C - 220°C 
    Heat up time (in seconds) 25 Seconds
    Auto shut-off 4-minute auto shut-off protection​
    Other features
  • Protective 'Smell' Cover ​
  • OLED Digital Screen
  • RoHS Certified for 100% Health and Safety
  • Battery Class A 1600 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
    Charging USB Charging with Wall Charger
    Body material Kirksite Unibody​
    Chamber/oven material Food Grade Stainless Steel Chamber
    Air Path Isolated Air Path - Food Grade Stainless Steel
    Manufacturer Healthy Rips
    Warranty 1 year

    This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product.