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Focus Vape Pro Vaporizer

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Focus Vape Pro Features

Type: Portable

FocusVape Pro Canada

Who is Focus Vape?

Focus Vape is a European brand from Slovenia. The brand offers high-quality vaporizers for lower prices. There are perfect for people who are trying vaping for the first time or don’t want to spend too much money on their vaporizers.


Focus Vape Pro's sleek, portable vaporizer features a food-grade ceramic heating chamber and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece.

The FocusVape Pro comes with an OLED display. From it, you can select the right temperature from the six temperature settings. And the best part of it, it is that the vape will vibrate to notify you when it’s ready to be used. So, you don’t have to stare the OLED screen to know when you can vape.

Powered by an advanced 18650 Li-ion battery of 2600mAh, you have the possibility to use a replaceable battery. If you go hiking, you can always carry a spare battery with you and still be able to vape. The FocusVape is designed for use with dry herbs and has an oversize chamber capable of accommodating large loads.

How to use the FocusVape Pro?

The FocusVape Pro is really easy to use,  to turn the device on or off, you need to click on the main button. If you want to increase the temperature or make it lower, use the same button and press two times to change. If you are not really an expert of vaping, we recommend changing the temperature step by step until you find the right temperature.

Packaging & Design

The Focus Pro vaporizer comes in 3 different colours, you have the choice between a military green, a dark black, and a white vaporizer. 

The vape handle is in silica gel which imitates leather, it’s quite comfortable to carry. And it also protects your device from any damages and scratches. 

On top of that, there is a triple filtering system and a Pyrex glass tube in the top of your device.

Pure Tasting Hits

FocusVape Pro vaporizer uses food-grade ceramic material for the build of the heating chamber. This enables the user to receive only pure tasting hits time and again. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece truly guarantees a natural taste without any metallic tainting.

Adjustable Airflow

The unique adjustable airflow is the perfect way to balance between airflow and draw restriction for your personal needs. Creating a strong influence on the smoothness and cloudiness of vapour production.

The vape has three filters that can be adjustable. For example, you can open or close one, two or three at the same time, more the amount of air will be important and more the density and flavour are going to be tastier. 

Then with the OLED display, you can select a wide temperature range, from 176F to 464F. Then, according to your preferences to choose which one is better for you.

What The Manufacturer Says About It?

Who’s best than the manufacturer to talk about its product, here some examples to describe the FocusVape Pro. “Newly designed portable vaporizer, Focusvape PRO leaves nothing but the highest impression on everybody, beginners and experienced users. Focusvape vaporizer comes in a kit with every basic accessory you will need to start vaping your favourite herbs immediately!”

Starter Kit

This premium quality portable vape is packaged as a complete starter kit and includes:

  • A wall charger 
  • A USB charger 
  • Spare glass mouthpiece
  • 3 extra filter screens
  • Cleaning tool 
  • Loading tool 
  • User manual (English, German, Spanish, Slovenian, French)
  • A gift box 

Technical Specifications

adjustable temperature



Haptic Feedback (Vibration)




Dry Herb


Adjustable Draw Control

heating chamber material


heating coil material

Titanium Wrapped Ceramic

inhalation method






temperature control


vaporization method