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Type: Portable

Fierce Vaporizer, the powerful small dry herb vaporizer

The Fierce vaporizer took the vape community by storm, thanks to the fact that it considered the ‘big brother’ of the Fury 2. This already popular vape has made it ‘big’ in the community and has proved to be more than what we all expected. However, the growing popularity of the Fierce vaporizer is not caused by pure luck. The Healthy Rips vape boasts a handful of upgraded features when compared to the Fury 2, and that is one of the things that the community is loving about this innovative vape. Just like with any vaporizer however, there are people asking themselves “is this unit really worth all the hype?”. Well, today, that’s exactly what you are going to know. By knowing everything there is to know about this vape, you will be able to answer this question yourself.

Key Features of the Healthy Rips Fierce Vape

Getting to know the key features that a vape has to offer is the best way to quickly get to know it. It’s quick, efficient, and easy. So, without further ado, here are the key features of the Healthy Rips Fierce Vape:

Delicious Vapor

One of the things that makes the Fierce vape the best is the quality of vapor it offers. With this unit, users are able to bring out the good in their favourite dry herbs and not waste their beloved materials.

Low Draw Resistance

One of the best things about the Fierce vape is the fact that it has a great, low draw resistance. Unlike other units, users get to enjoy delicious, direct hits instantly off of this unit.

Durable Build

Another thing that the Fierce vape boasts is a durable, long-lasting build. The Healthy Rips Fierce feels durable in the hand and does not feel like other fragile units.

Powerful Convection Dominant Heating

There’s nothing better than quality convection vaporizers, and that’s exactly what the Healthy Rips Fierce is; a powerful convection vape unit.

Magnetic Mouthpiece

Another thing that adds to. the overall comfort of use that this unit offers is its magnetic mouthpiece. No more dropping your mouthpiece or misplacing it.

Quality Materials

The Healthy Rips Fierce is not only durable and long-lasting, but it is also made from quality materials. This unit boasts a stainless steel chamber and a glass and stainless steel vapor path.

LED Display

Users always get to know the temperature and session time of their unit thanks to the well-designed LED display this unit boasts.

Vibration Notifications

A unique feature that is not usually seen on vaporizers is the vibration notifications this unit features. Time to vape? It will vibrate. Low battery? It will vibrate.

Long-lasting Battery

This quality vape offers an impressive 120 minutes or 2 hours of continual vaping goodness. Thanks to this, users are able to enjoy long vape sessions without worrying about charging their unit.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the simplicity of this unit, it is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to enjoy. It is perfect for both beginners and vape experts alike.

Healthy Rips Fierce vs Fury 2 - What has Improved?

So, now that you know more about the features that this popular unit boasts, you may be wondering, “why is it considered the ‘big brother’ of the Fury 2?”. Well, there are a few things that have been improved. One of the primary improvements that are apparent in the Healthy Rips Fierce, is its removable battery. Although it may seem like a small improvement, it makes a big difference. The battery also offers a longer vape session time. The LED screen has also been improved. It now is able to offer more information about the unit; including temperature, session time and battery percentage. This simply adds to the ease of use and functionality of the unit. The mouthpiece the Rips Fierce boasts has also been upgraded. It is not only sturdier, designed to last longer and to withstand more wear and tear, but is also now magnetic. Can’t get better than that, can it? So, although these are not the only improvements that have been made to this powerful unit, they are those that stand out the most and show that the Healthy Rips Fierce was definitely designed to be bigger and better than the Fury 2.

Fierce vs Fury 2

Is it Worth the Hype?

In the beginning, we all ask ourselves the same question; “is this unit worth all the hype?”. Well, in the vape community's opinion, the hype is more than worth it. Not only has this unit been upgraded and improved, but it is still offered at an affordable, cheap price. So, users who chose the Fierce vaporizer get to enjoy the highest quality of features and functions without having to empty their wallet, which is rare in today’s pricy vape market. With all the impressive features this unit offers, it also proves itself to be even more than what its manufacturers promised. It is nothing more and nothing less than a high quality, well-made dry herb convection vape unit.

Fierce Vaporizer Staff Review

So, yes, the Healthy Rips Fierce seems to be worth the hype, and has grown to become a favourite in the vape community, but does that mean it is perfect? Of course not. Just like all other vape units on the market, the Fierce vape has its good side and its ‘bad’ side. There is no perfect unit out there, so it's easy to say that this unit is also imperfect. One of the things about this unit is that it is unable to produce the same monster clouds when compared to other units in today's market, like the Mighty by Storz and Bickel. Another thing is that it does not boast a very big chamber when compared to other units and does not have such an impressive, almost instant heat up time. Users have been able to enjoy this unit despite its flaws, but flaws are flaws. So, as you can see, the Fierce vaporizer has its flaws just like all other vape units on the market, however, that does not mean it isn’t ‘worth it’. When compared to its competition, the Fierce vape is still an impressive vape unit that was designed to impress and satisfy.

How to Use the Healthy Rips Fierce

As mentioned above, one of the great things about this unit is the ease of use it offers users. Unlike other vape units on the market, the Healthy Rips Fierce is easy to use, and there are only 4 simple steps to follow to enjoy the delicious vapor. The first step is to of course pack the chamber with your favourite dry herbs. Try not to pack the materials too tightly. Secondly, turn on the Fierce by pressing the button 3 times. It will vibrate once it is on. Choose the perfect temperature by holding down the power button for 3 seconds, and change the setting by pressing the plus or fewer buttons. Wait for 30 seconds for the unit to reach the desired temperature and take your first draw of delicious, perfected vapor. It’s that easy!

What´s In The Box?

  • Fierce Vaporizer
  • Protective ‘Smell’ Cover
  • Mouthpiece Accessories
  • Attachment Mouthpiece for Accessories Attachment
  • Extra Battery Door Screw
  • Stainless Steel
  • Oil & Wax Pad
  • Extra Screen & O-Ring Set
  • USB-C Charging Cord
  • Wall Charger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezers
  • 1 User’s Manual

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer  Healthy Rips
Dry Herbs Yes
Wax  Yes
Swappable Battery Yes
Cleaning Kit Included Yes
Digital Display Yes

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