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Zeus Accessories Collection

Zeus Arsenal have created two fantastic vaporizers that are sure to satisfy any desire for a small, portable vaporizer that is capable of generating ample amounts of vapour, flavour, and potency. The sleek automotive design of both are a testament to German engineering and quality. Both the standard Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT are sure to give a great vapour experience, but the added luxury of gold offers a slightly better vapour quality because of gold’s propensity for conduction. Whichever you decide, neither will let you down and both are sure to impress!

The Zeus Arc and Zeus GT - Accessories

These vapes come with a range of excellent accessories that can be used for either device:

Zeus arc gt vaporizer canada

This is a great case for the Zeus Arc or GT and any accessories. It has all the slots and pouches to bring everything along, and is built sturdy and strong.

This glass spacer screen is placed into the chamber of the Zeus Arc or Zeus Arc GT vaporizer to make your chamber half-sized. If you do not want to use a full chamber of herbs and prefer a half-pack micro session, this is the perfect tool.

The Zeus Iceborn is a revolutionary vapour cooling device that takes your vaporizing experience to the next level. Never before has vapour been so cold, smooth - vapour filters through the ice in the attachment and rapidly cools down before reaching your lips.

  • The Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

    This cleaning kit comes with everything you could ever need to keep your device spotless:

    • 1 x Bottle of Zeus Purify Cleaning Solution
    • 1 x Pack of Zeus Grime Sticks (20 Pack)
    • 1 x Pack of Zeus Grime Wipes (25 Pack)
    • 1 x Pack of Zeus Bristle Cleaners (20 Pack)

    Available in either stainless steel or gold, this device works perfectly to stir your herbs and as a dab tool, and makes it easy to empty the chamber after every session. It can be connected magnetically on the bottom of your Zeus Arc too, so you can easily bring it along on the go.

    This adapter makes it possible to connect your Zeus Arc vaporizer to your favourite water-pipe or bong. Simply replace the mouthpiece with the adapter and connect to any 14mm to 18mm female connection.

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