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BRNT Malua - Concrete Storage Jar Pink Marble
BRNT Malua - Concrete Storage Jar
C$44.99 Sold out
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BRNT Briq Concrete Ashtray Boreal
BRNT Briq - Concrete Ashtray
C$48.99 Sold out
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Piranha Stash Jars All sizes
SAVE -22%
Piranha Stash Jars
Starting at C$6.99
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2.5g Size Glass Vial Lid
2.5g Size Glass Vial W/Lid
C$0.50 Sold out
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Krypto Kit Hardshell by RYOT All colors
SAVE -36%
Krypto Kit Hardshell by RYOT
C$24.90 C$39.00 Sold out
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Boveda/Humidipak 8 Gram Pack
SAVE -58%
62% Boveda/Humidipak 8 Gram Pack
C$5.00 C$12.00 Sold out
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Marley Natural Joint Holder
SAVE -16%
Pre-Roll Stasher By Marley Natural
C$49.00 C$59.00
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Marley Natural Tray
SAVE -14%
Marley Natural tray
Starting at C$89.00Sold out
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Marley Natural Storage
SAVE -10%
Marley Natural Storage Case
C$89.00 C$99.00 Sold out
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Wooden rolling box
Wooden rolling box
C$9.99 Sold out
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2.0 x 2.0 Baggie - Pack of 100
2.0 x 2.0 Baggie - Pack of 100
C$2.60 Sold out
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Zen Roll Box 70mm Canada
Zen Roll Box 70mm
C$15.00 Sold out
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Storage Accessories for Dry Herb & Concentrates

Everything's better with a little organisation. While many of us may be used to storing our smoking and vaping kits in an old drawer or shoebox, this is less than ideal. To get the very most out of your dry herb or concentrate it makes sense to ensure that it is safely stored and protected from wear and tear.

Herbalize is the best place to find the best storage accessories. We guarantee high quality, free shipping within the Canada, and a broad selection of fantastic products.

Here are a selection of storage solutions that are perfect for storing your dry herb, concentrates, and even your entire smoking kit. 

  • Roor Glass Stash Jar: This airtight storage jar is made by glass masters Roor. This is the best way to store your dry herb, protecting it from exposure to the air. As with any Roor product, it is made out of incredibly high quality glass. 
  • Silly Silicone Wax Jar: These non-stick silicone storage containers are ideal for storing wax and shatter style concentrates. Their food-grade silicone construction will keep concentrates in perfect condition. 
  • Pre-Roll Stasher By Marley Natural: This pre-roll stasher is a must have if you enjoy hand-rolled joints or blunts. It allows you to safely prep and carry your pre-roll safely and securely. 

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