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Shatterizer Vaporizer Collection

Shatterizer designed their high quality vaporizer to be  perfect unit for those that "don't fit the traditional stoner image". They took their precious time to design a vaporizer that is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to enjoy, so everyone could have an awesome vape experience. No matter if you are a vape master or a vape beginner, we are confident that you will be able to appreciate the attention to detail that was placed in their unique vaporizer.

Although many manufacturers on the vape market today offer a wide variety of units, Shatterizer’s collection is limited to only one well-made, quality vaporizer. We believe that they put their time, heart and soul in to designing and crafting this unit to absolute perfection and many users are already claiming the one and only Shatterizer vaporizer as their favorite. Although there are a wide variety of vaporizer options on the market, we have to say that it is one of our favorites too.

The Shatterizer Vaporizer

The Shatterizer is one of the most well-known concentrate vape pens on the market. Due to its simplicity, ease of use and quality it delivers, many have found that it makes the vape experience more fun and enjoyable. This simple yet potent unit was designed to offer the best quality of delicious vapor on-demand always and to bring out the full potential of your favorite concentrates in a more safe and efficient way.

High Quality Build

This units design and beauty is something that can not go unmentioned. The Shatterizer boasts a fancy looking circular borosilicate glass top-piece that ensures delicious taste and quality vapor from the first time you use it. Its glass top is not only stylish but safer: it has non-reactive properties meaning that your hits won't taint or lose flavour.

The glass the Shatterizer boasts is unlike other options on the market, for it is more resistant and long-lasting. There are also new aluminum tops that are even more durable; both the Shatterizer Black and Silver Aluminum will add even more resistance to this portable wax vape, if desired. If you are a little clumsy at times and prefer a stronger top, I highly recommend the new and improved Aluminum tops.

This cutting-edge unit boasts a twin coils heating system that ensures smooth, clean and tasty hits. The unit comes included  with twin quartz coils, if you prefer Ctech ceramic coils however, they are also available for separate purchase. With the Shatterizer vaporizer, you can finally pick and choose what is perfect for you based on your vape preferences.  

Easy to Use & Easy to Enjoy

The Shatterizer is not complicated to use. From the moment you unbox this unit, you will be able to unlock its potential and enjoy your vape sessions  like never before. Unlike other vaporizer on the market that have a ‘learning curve’, the Shatterizer has very simple functions that allow you to enjoy it no matter if you are a vape OG or a beginner.

One of the things that sometimes can make vaporizers more complicated to understand is their temperature controls. The Shatterizer however is very user-friendly when it comes to its temperature control; it has 3 temperature settings thanks to its intuitive control system. You can adjust the power and consistency of the vapor and enjoy it exactly how you prefer, without any complications or difficulties.

Overall Quality

The Shatterizer Vaporizer was made with the smallest details in mind and was crafted to offer its users the absolute best vape experience possible. Without any ‘learning curves’, complicated functions or hard to understand settings, this unit is by far one of the most easy to use and easy to enjoy units on the market. Everything about this unit is high quality, from its sturdy and smart build, to the vapor quality it offers, it is made to offer onlyquality.

Choose Quality - Choose Shatterizer

Shatterizer did not waste their precious time to design a unit that wouldn’t satisfy their users needs, they worked hard to create a innovative vaporizer that is made to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest vape user. Their attention to detail was worth it, for now they have one of the most enjoyable wax vaporizers on the market.

If you have been looking for the perfect easy-to-use unit that will make your life easy and vape experience more than enjoyable, stop looking! The shatterizer was made just for you. With its long-lasting qualities, delicious vapor, versatility, stylish design and overall flawless performance, it will allow you to finally experience the quality you deserve.