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Piranha Slick Tips Dab Swabs
Piranha Slick Tips Dab Swabs
C$4.99 C$6.50
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Piranha Iso Wipes
Piranha Iso Wipes
C$7.99 C$10.95
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Piranha 4 Piece Grinder Black
Piranha 4 Piece Grinder
Starting at C$28.00
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Piranha Stash Jars All sizes
Piranha Stash Jars
Starting at C$6.99
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Piranha 3 Piece Grinder Black
Piranha 3 Piece Grinder
Starting at C$21.00
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Piranha LED Rolling Tray Black
Piranha LED Rolling Trays
C$34.00 C$49.00 Sold out
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Piranha 2 Piece Grinder Black
Piranha 2 Piece Grinder
Starting at C$23.57
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Piranha Silicone Dab Mat
Piranha Silicone Dab Mat
C$15.99 Sold out
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Piranha Accessories

Piranha was created with a high-minded intention: to provide the best smoking experiences by offering a broad range of trendy and functional accessories at affordable prices while advocating for social equity and environmental awareness.

Inspired by the sharp-teethed tropical fish of the Amazon, the Piranha brand was founded in 2011 to create high-quality grinders that shred prey (well...herb!) with the most efficiency and best pricing available to contemporary consumers.

Piranha's initial goal was to make consumption accessible and fun for everyone without sacrificing quality, style, or performance. With this in mind, we brought together design, technology, and color to create Piranha grinders - setting the standard for affordable smoking accessories.

Piranha Grinders

Four Piece: The Piranha four-piece grinder is the perfect tool for anyone who wants the perfect grind every time. Made from anodized medical-grade materials, these grinders are built to last. Strong magnets ensure the grinder stays together on the go or even if dropped.

Three Piece:  The Piranha three-piece grinder is the perfect tool for those who appreciate getting more from less. By omitting the screen chamber, the Piranha offers quick access to the goods, a more efficient grind, and reduced maintenance. This grinder is also designed to eliminate the chance of screen damage, making it a durable and reliable choice for your grinding needs.

Two Piece: If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to grind your herbs, the Piranha two-piece grinder is the perfect solution. The magnetic closure lid ensures a perfect grind every time, and the minimalist design means there's no mess or fuss. Just put your herb in, grind it, and tap it out. These grinders are just as efficient as the three or four-piece versions without the extra work, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy their herbs.

Piranha Storage

Stash Jars with Bamboo Lid: Piranha Stash Jars with Bamboo Lids are the perfect option for storing your cannabis. Made of high-quality glass, these jars feature a bamboo lid that is held shut with an o-ring to help keep smell and freshness as well as keep out air and moisture. Available in 5 different sizes, there is a stash jar for everyone. Select from 5 different size XS, S, M, L, XL.

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