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Grenco Science Accessories Overview

Grenco Science is a really great brand. They produce simple, easy to use vaporizers that offer great vaping experiences whether you’re a beginner or a vaping veteran. They have a number of widely loved vaporizers… But there’s more - Grenco vaporizer accessories! Take a look below at what we have to offer.

G Pen Elite

We offer you a replacement G Pen Elite Dual Quartz Atomizer. We know that every once in a while, atomizers can lose a bit of their initial power, especially when used very frequently. But there is no need to worry. With this replacement, you’ll be vaping at full potential again in a matter of seconds. In addition to atomizers, we also offer you a replacement G Pen Elite battery for your convenience and comfort. We always recommend keeping at least one extra battery around, whether it’s for replacement purposes, or to be able to use one battery while the other is charging for non-stop vaping.

G Pen Pro

We offer you a number of replacement pieces for this vaper-favorite vaporizer. The first is, of course, a replacement mouthpiece, since it is important to replace your mouthpiece every couple of months for sanitary and comfort purposes. Next on our list is the G Pen PRO filter screen pack, complete with 5 premium filters. These are also always super great to have available at all times, since vaping through a dirty filter lowers your vaping experience exponentially!