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DynaVap Accessories Overview

DynaVap is one of a kind in the vaping community thanks to their unique take on vaping. They love keeping their vaporizer units down to the bare minimum, and we love that. Especially since all their vaporizers offer amazing vaping experiences! These vaporizers can be used on their own, or they can be used with a few accessories, depending on the unit you decide to vape with. Here at Herbalize, we offer genuine DynaVap accessories, and we are sure you’ll love each one! Take a look below to see what we have in store.

DynaVap M

This is one of our clients’ favourite vaporizers from DynaVap. On its own, it is known for giving big hits which are not only dense but are also full of flavour. This is thanks to the design on the vape unit, but also thanks to the O-Rings it has inside, which serve as condenser rings. But to keep the vapour feeling and tasting amazing always, you have to replace them every once in a while. So that’s why we offer replacement O-Ring sets for this vape unit. Not to mention that in our DynaVap M Starter Kit, you get O-Rings, a carrier case, and all the essentials…. Try it out now!


O-Rings are also responsible for the notoriously dense vapour that comes from the NonaVong. That’s why you should purchase one of our O-Ring packs, and keep new ones on-hand - new O-Rings equal the best vape possible! This vape unit is also compatible with the unique Dynastash, which is a carrier for all DynaVap vaporizers. We highly recommend using it if you would like to keep your vaporizer safe and also have a place to put some of your product!

Shadow M

This is the newest addition to DynaVap’s collection of amazing vapes, and people are already loving it. In contrast to the original ‘M’ vaporizer, this one comes in a darker colour, and also has more cooling fins around the vaporizer for cooler vape. We offer accessories such as the DynaStash XL and the DynaStash ER to store this unit (and some of your products) and we also offer the replacement cap for the unit, just like for the other units.


The DynaStash is a very smart purchase for anyone who has a DynaVap unit. It keeps your vaporizer safe and discretely concealed along with a portion of finely ground product. We offer the original design, which is the DynaStash; then we offer the DynaStash ER which not only holds your dry herb but also has a compartment for concentrates; and we also offer the DynaStash Wenge which is made to hold your VapCap and some herb; and lastly we offer the Dynastash XL, which is made to fit all the XL versions of your favourite DynaVap units!