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Dr. Dabber Accessories Overview

Dr. Dabber is a widely known and loved brand thanks to the amazing vaporizers they design. We love Dr. Dabber vapes here at Herbalize, and we love the user experience we always have with their vaporizers. But guess what! They also design accessories to use with the vaporizers. Each vaporizer has a set of accessories you can use to make your vaping sessions a little bit more interesting and mix it up a bit from time to time.

Dr. Dabber Switch

As one of the most powerful dabbing units on our site, our customers really does deserve some amazing accessories to go with the Dr Dabber Switch to ‘switch it up’ and to give you more dynamic dabbing experiences. The Dr Dabber Switch is compatible with the entire “Diamond Glass” collection, which is an assortment of different hand-blown glass accessories, such as the Diamond Perc. We highly suggest checking them out!!

Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Dr Dabber Ghost has all sorts of accessories available! These include the popular Glass Globe, which makes all the hits from the Ghost smooth, cool, and tasty (and also looks super cool!), the Recycler Pendant, which is a hand-blown glass piece made in the Diamond glass series. In addition to this, we also have the ceramic atomizer piece for the Ghost, and the specially made Ghost top piece, which can be much too easy to lose or damage at times.

Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr. Dabber Boost is a super popular unit on this site, and we love it just as much as you do! The best part about the Dr Dabber Boost is that it’s really great on its own, but it’s also great to use with its accessory, the Glass Mouthpiece, because you can get boosted flavor and cooler vape with one simple addition to your vaporizer.