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Cloudious 9 Vaporizers

Cloudious 9 is a vaporizer brand and developer who have recently been rising in popularity, despite having only one vaporizer. Their attention to detail and their perfectionist attitude is what has made them such a big player in today’s vaporizer market.

When their vaporizer first came out, it was one of the first vaporizer to combine the thought of a water cooling system with a vaporizer; and thanks to their advancements in vaporizer technologies, though there have been other brands that develop a similar vaporizer, the Cloudious 9’s Hydrology 9 remains the king of all water cooled vaporizers in countless people’s opinions.  

As soon as you see their product, you can tell that they aren’t playing around. Their vaporizer is sophisticated in both looks and craftsmanship, it is innovative in design, practical for everyday use, and very easy to take everywhere any time.

The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious 9 Vaporizers

This is the one product that put Cloudious 9 at the top of so many lists. As stated above, it is sophisticated, and people love the looks of this vaporizer. It is made from aerospace quality aluminum and very high quality glass, so it gives a whole new meaning to the words “high quality vaporizer”.

Cloudious 9 really wanted to provide a durable yet aesthetically pleasing design to the public, so they spent a lot of time researching and developing their Hydrology 9. The results were a 175 millimeter tall vaporizer packed with amazing features such as the above mentioned water cooling and filtration system, a wide selection of different temperatures, a high quality ceramic heating chamber, and an amazing magnetic mouthpiece.

The high power battery that this vaporizer features is a high quality 2000mAh battery that lasts approximately 15 to 20 vaping sessions, depending on your use, and takes only around 2 to 3 hours to charge to full potential.

Many people love the vapor quality they get from this amazing vaporizer, because not only is it cool, but the filtration aspect of the water feature makes the vapor taste amazing. Many comment on the wonderful terpene taste, which is something to be proud of in the vape community.

The ceramic heating chamber can hold around 0.3 grams of dry herb when loosely packed, making vaping sessions shorter, but very tasty. Additionally, the use of ceramic is, in this case, a very highly regarded choice on Cloudious 9’s behalf, because it ensures that all the product put in the vaporizer is used up. This can be a challenge when using other vaporizers, because some need stirring or reloading every few hits; but the Hydrology 9 is straight to the point with no stirring or constant reloading needed.

When it comes to refilling or changing out the water in the filtration system, all you need to do is pop off the top of the magnetic mouthpiece, empty the tank, and refill with water. The fact that the whole process is completed in only a few seconds is another favorite aspect among Hydrology 9 users.

The Hydrology 9 vaporizer is also well known for its big, smooth hits. This vaporizer as a huge potential, and it is very apparent when using it on higher temperatures. When using other vaporizers, if you want bigger clouds you should vape on higher temperatures, and if you want smaller more tasteful hits, you should try vaping on lower settings.

But this is not true for the Hydrology 9 vaporizer. You can get huge, tasty hits on all temperature settings; and the best part is that no matter which setting you choose, your hits will be smooth and cool.

The temperature for the Hydrology 9 ranges from 390 degrees Fahrenheit all the way to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a decent range, though other vaporizers go a little bit higher than 460 degrees Fahrenheit. But one perk to this is that the vaporizer comes with its temperatures in a pre set format, so all you have to do is switch between the 5 settings it has, and you’ll be vaping in less than 30 seconds (considering the heat up time).

So, as you can see, Cloudious 9’s Hydrology 9 is one of the best vaporizers at its price point, and in many people’s opinion, it can’t get much better than this. Some people claim that it may a bit too large to use it in places where being discreet is optimal; but thanks to its shape and size, it is still easily concealed and taken anywhere.

If you are looking for an extremely high quality vaporizer that will last you a very long time, and that delivers he best quality of vapor, the Hydrology 9 is the vaporizer for you. If you like big, cool vape hits every time, you should definitely consider this amazing vaporizer.