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Crafty Vaporizer - Storz & Bickel

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  • Features

  • For Both Herb And Oil
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Newest Model with 20% Extra Battery
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Durable & Awesome Design
  • Perfect Draw Resistance
  • One Button Control System
  • Temperature Control via Bluetooth App
  • Combination Convection/Conduction Heating

  • Type: Portable

    Storz & Bickel Crafty Canada - Very Portable And Perfect Vapor Quality

    The Storz and Bickel Crafty Canada is the little brother of The Mighty and packs a similar punch. More compact but featuring the same high quality design and construction, it’s the choice for those who want top notch vape wherever they go. This is one fine little vape. Firstly, it’s solid. You could hammer nails in with this thing. The German construction clichés are all true about this miniature marvel: it’s incredibly well made and designed, it oozes efficient vaping capabilities. Weighing in at 135g it’s not the lightest vape out there but you’re getting a sturdy plastic shell and a hefty pair of Li-Ion batteries for that, keeping this thing vaping for over 50 minutes of continuous use. They’ve improved the batteries recently, making the latest versions of the Crafty serious competitors for the title of best portable vape.

    Crafty Vaporizer Canada

    What's In the box?

    • Crafty Vaporizer
    • Power adapter & USB Cable
    • Liquid Pad
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Herb Grinder
    • A Filling Aid
    • 3x Spare screens
    • A Set Of Spare Rings


    We are authorized resellers of Storz & Bickel and we will beat any competitors price on an authentic Storz and Bickel Vaporizer. There are fake Storz & Bickel Products out there so be aware.

    Ease Of Use

    Simplicity reigns with the Crafty, you just turn it on, use either the app or the default settings (which were easily good enough for most situations) to set the temperature, twist the mouth piece round and pull. It’s got a very cool, clean draw to it that has basically no resistance. It’s a real pleasure to vape this thing. There aren’t any little particles that come with the vapor, it’s filtered beautifully by the removable filters. 

    Oven Size 

    The chamber itself can contain 1.4cm cubed of whatever you please, making it suitable for a lot of different vaping tasks. The really cool thing is that you can load up the little capsules that come with your Crafty and just pop them in when the old one is exhausted. This is seriously easy vaping.

    Crafty App

    The aforementioned app is intuitive and simple to use, and no matter how fuzzy you’re feeling, you’ll be able to get the right settings out of the Crafty. You can adjust the LED brightness, turn on or off the vibration alerts, check the battery and boost settings. You don’t need the app to use it, thankfully, but you’ll be stuck with either the manufacturer defaults or whatever temperatures you’ve programmed in. Best to take your phone and check out the app!


    Temperature Settings

    Its temperature range covers everything we tried in it, the range being between 40 degrees Celsius and 210 degrees Celsius, there’s no need to worry about sensitivity here. The LED display on the front gives you the temperature of the device itself and the desired temp, so you can see how close you are to optimum temperature. It heats up in less than 2 minutes, which is quite slow compared to some vapes these days but still OK.

    Auto Shut Off

    It will shut itself off after 1 minute without any input, so you’ve got to keep on top of it if you want to have a frustration free session, but it’s not really a problem in our experience. It vibrates when it gets to the right temperature and when it’s going to shut itself off, extremely useful indeed.  

    What the manufacturer says about it

    Truly portable, discreet, extremely well made and offering high quality vapor wherever you go. "Crafty is your new best friend"

    What users are saying

    One of the best vapes out there, its combination of high quality vapour, ease of use and long battery life make it a very popular choice for the serious vapour enthusiasts. It pops in your pocket really easily, making it a powerful and discreet vape you’ll really enjoy the use of. It isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.

    Battery life and Charging

    Charging via USB and the power adaptor, it gets fully juiced in 120 minutes and lasts for over 50 on the latest versions. We found this vape lasted between 4 and 5 sessions on one charge, which is an improvement on the older versions of the Crafty, which wouldn’t last so long. We’re a bit spoilt though, it isn’t an issue to charge it via USB.

    Average battery life

    50 + Minutes

    Recharge time

    120 Minutes


    Chamber Tool

    The filling chamber tool is used to tamp down your material in the heating chamber. The filling chamber tools also help you stir your herbs, allowing you to get a more even extraction.

    Crafty Vs Mighty

    The Crafty and Mighty are two very high quality dry herb vaporizers from Storz & Bickel. They are pretty similar but with a few key differences. The Mighty is bigger than the Crafty, by around 1 inch larger in both height and width. This larger size allows the Mighty to accommodate a 2nd battery and last 90 minutes of continuous use compared the Crafty's one battery and 45 minutes. 

    The Crafty has more customizable options than the Mighty. The Crafty can use a free smartphone that can adjust the temperature settings to your liking or check the temperature of the herb chamber while the Mighty controls are integrated into the vaporizer with analog temperature controls. Both offer the same great vapor.  

    The choice comes down to if you want portability or battery life. The Crafty can be taken anywhere while the Mighty is less portable but can vape without interruption.

    Crafty chamber tool

    Parts & Accessories

    The crafy is amost indestructible, but we all know (too well) that sometimes bad luck hits us but luckily we at HerbalizeStore Canada got all the spare parts you may or may not need. Storz & Bickel Parts & Accessories.

    Technical Specifications


    Herbs and concentrates

    Storage capacity

    0.25 grams

    Temperature Levels

    6 settings + App

    Initial heating

    Approximately 2 minutes

    Heating system

    Hybrid (conduction and convection)

    Heating chamber material

    Stainless steel and Ceramic

    External coating material

    Stainless steel

    Crafty Battery life

    1 hour of use

    Battery functions

    Allows use during battery charging (with at least 20% charge available)

    Compatible chargers


    Compatible smartphones

    Yes, Android and iOS

    Other functions

    Cooling, stand-by and vibration and LED alerts

    Crafty Dimensions

    11.0 cm x 5.7 cm x 3.3 cm

    Crafty Weight

    136 grams

    Crafty Warranty

    2 years

    This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product.