The Boys Beaker Bong By famous Brands

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The Boys Beaker Bong By famous Brands

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  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 14.5mm Joint Size
  • 45mm Tubing

Type: Bong

The Boys Beaker Bong By famous Brands

This is a truly awesome bong from Famous Brands is called The Boys Beaker Bong and it’s a collab with all our favorite tv-show The Trailer Park Boys. It is made out of 5mm thick glass that is heat resistant and extremely durable. The bong got a beaker base and a straight tube with a rimmed mouthpiece. It measures 30cm tall and the joint connector is 18.8mm. Two other great things about this piece are that it’s equipped with ice notches and a downstem diffuser so first, the smoke passes the diffuser and then through the ice before it’s time for you to inhale a large, cold and smooth rip.

Technical specification

  • Manufacturer: Trailer Park Boys
  • color: clear with black accents
  • Height: 30.5 cm / 12 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 5.0 mm
  • Ice: Yes
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm > 14.5 mm

The Boys Bong Features

  • 5mmborosilicate glass
  • Great Design
  • 18.8mm joint
  • Inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm diffuser downstem
  • The best downstem length: 14 cm / 5.5 inches
  • 14.5mm male bowl
  • Beaker base
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • Ice notches