SLX V2 Grinder | 2.4" Grinder with Non-Stick Coat

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SLX 2.0 Non Stick Grinder

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Type: Grinder

SLX 2.0 - The 2.4" Non-Stick Pocket Grinder

The 2-inch version of the SLX 2.0 is an evolution of everything that made the original SLX so good, to begin with. It uses a non-stick ceramic coating over every single square millimeter of the surface of the grinder to ensure that material NEVER sticks to it no matter what. It doesn't matter how sticky your material is, a quick wipe and it's clean as a whistle. In addition, this Grinder ensures, that you get every ounce of your resin. 

This Grinder is a 4-part grinder, that catches your ground material and sieves out any resin that is collected at the bottom of the Grinder. The SLX 2.0 Grinder comes with a little tool, that allows you to easily collect that resin. 

SLX 2.0 Grinder - Materials

Made of aerospace-grade aluminum it is incredibly strong and durable and has been designed to be strong enough to completely resist cross-threading, damaged teeth or any other dings and dents from everyday use. The screen built into the base is also incredibly fine, meaning that you get an amazing quality of pollen collected in the lowest section of the grinder. The magnets that hold the two halves of the grinder together are neodymium rare earth magnets and so will never fail you on your travels. Even the teeth have a clever little twist. They are trapezoid-shaped and ensure you get a perfect fluffy grind every single time.

Easy Maintenance

The lid, the teeth, the outside, each small lip, and crevice is coated. The coating itself is actually bonded to the grinder on a molecular level so you'll never have to worry about it coming off and contaminating your material but even if it somehow did, it is all non-toxic food-grade materials so there is zero risks of any kind of toxin entering your material.

Easy Cleaning

It is very easy to clean the SLX Grinder. Use a small cleaning brush to brush any resin or loose debris off of the Grinder and the Teeth. The use a alcohol wipe to gently wipe the exterior of your grinder. Finally, dampen a cotton bud with some isopropyl alcohol and gently clean in between the gaps of the grinder´s teeth and the inside of the lid. 

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