Magic Flight Power Adapter

Magic Flight Power Adapter

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Launch Box Power Supply Adapter by Magic Flight

It is finally here! The Magic Flight Vaporizer Power Adapter 2.1 offers a more convenient way to power your MFLB at home or even in your car! The Power Adapter 2.1 delivers consistent power for perfect Device sessions with your Launch Box.

The handy power dial lets you control the temperature settings of your Launch Box and take control over the heating process. Cooler temperatures are recommended for herbal blends and hotter temps. work best when using your MFLB Water Pipe or Concentrate Tray. Innovative banana plug design fits perfectly into the battery hole of any generation of the Launch Box and ensures a strong connection.

The first thing you might ask yourself is 'Why is it made of plastic instead of wood like the last version?' We asked Magic Flight this question and it turns out the wood was not holding up well. But instead of discontinuing it (Yay!) they decided to release it in a plastic shell. It works just like the 2.0 that was wood. As with the MFLB, the Power Adapter 2.1 carries a Lifetime Functional Warranty, meaning if you have any issues with your adapter Magic Flight will help you through troubleshooting techniques or replace your adapter with a new unit.

• 1 x Power Adapter 2.1
• 1 x A/C Wall Adapter Plug
• 1 x 12v Car Adapter Plug
• Power Adapter Flight Guide

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