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Grav Labs 5 Inch Circuit Rig

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  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 14.5mm Male Joint
  • Made in USA

Type: Dabbing

Grav Labs 5 Inch Circuit Rig Canada

The Circuit Rig from Grav Labs utilizes a unique design to cool vapour while using a minimal amount of water. The included domeless quartz nail sits perfectly on the 14.5mm male joint, ensuring you’re ready to go right out of the box. Available in 4 ½, 5, and 5 ½ inch height.

5 Inch Circuit Rig Features

  • 14.5mm Male Joint
  • Domeless Quartz Nail
  • Collaboration with glass artist Turbo
  • Randomised Logo Colours

Small and Strong

Don’t be fooled by the small capacity – when it comes to vaping concentrates, the Circuit Rig can easily hang with the big boys.

Randomised Logo Colours

When you order this piece we will randomly dispatch a coloured logo to you, ensuring that each purchase you get will be a surprise!

Quartz Nail

Quartz glass is a type of heat resistant glass with a strikingly high melting point; this makes it the ideal material for coping with the intense temperatures used when dabbing.

Made in the USA

Grav Labs is proud to manufacture their high quality glassware in Austin, Texas.

Technical Specifications

brand Grav Labs
glass thickness 5mm
includes Domeless Nail, Quartz Nail
joint Male
joint size 14.5mm
material Glass
mouthpiece Bent, Flared

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