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Genius Pipe Canada: Product Description

If you’re in the market for a great new herb pipe, we’ve got the answer for you. The Genius Pipe looks like something out of a science fiction movie, and its incredibly unique design allows it to produce a smoking experience unlike that of any other pipe you’ve tried. The Genius Pipe gives you:

  • A completely discreet smoking experience
  • A smell-free way to carry your herbs anywhere
  • Remarkably cool smoke with no water
  • Reduced tar and resin with no filter
  • Incredibly fast and easy cleanup

No other pipe delivers a smoking experience as smooth as that of the genius pipe – and you can clean it without brushes, without pipe cleaners and without struggling to get to hard-to-reach tubes and holes.

Virtually Indestructible Herb Pipe

The Genius Pipe is made from anodized aluminum and held together with strong magnets. It doesn’t break like glass or dent like pipes made from soft metals. Although we wouldn’t recommend doing so, we have heard of Genius Pipe owners testing the durability of their pipes with hammers and failing to make a dent. Even with rough handling, the Genius Pipe should last a lifetime.

Discreet Smoking Experience

From a distance, the Genius Pipe looks like an electronic gadget such as a smartphone. It’s also about the same size as a smartphone, which means that you can store it virtually anywhere. Carry it in your pocket or purse – whatever works for you. The hard aluminum resists bending, scratching and crushing.

The Genius Pipe has a sliding top cover that covers your herbs and keeps them in place while preventing the smell from escaping. You can pack the pipe, close the lid and bring your herbs anywhere, ready for a discreet smoking session at a moment’s notice.

Cool Smoke Without Water

When you disassemble the Genius Pipe’s magnetic components, you’ll see the feature that gives the pipe its name. When you use the pipe, the smoke passes over thousands of tiny dimples. The dimples encourage the smoke to form vortexes, swirling around in the dimples before proceeding to your mouth. As you use the Genius Pipe, you’ll learn that inhaling slowly is the best way to ensure that the smoke lingers in the dimples as long as possible for maximum cooling. When the smoke finally reaches your mouth and lungs, you’ll find that it is remarkably cool, smooth and cough free. Unlike water filtration – which cools the smoke but muddles the flavor of the delicate terpenes in your herbs – the dimples in the Genius Pipe cool the smoke while preserving its flavor.

Genius Pipe filter

Reduced Tar and Resin

Tar and resin are heavy. That fact means that the dimples of the Genius Pipe have a secondary purpose aside from cooling the smoke. As the smoke swirls around in the dimples, some of the tar and resin settle to the bottom. You’ll see the dark tar when you open the pipe after a few smoking sessions. Without a filter, the Genius Pipe can help to prevent some of the harmful products of smoking from entering your lungs.

Fast and Easy Cleanup

Although it’s undisputed that the Genius Pipe provides a stellar smoking experience, the quality of the smoke may not actually be the Genius Pipe’s greatest feature. If you’ve ever cleaned a traditional herb pipe, you know how hard it can be to remove the sticky resins. The Genius Pipe, however, disassembles easily and doesn’t have any areas that are hard to reach. Simply pull apart the magnetic sections of the pipe and dip them in a bath of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. After soaking the pipe, rinse it in warm water. Any remaining resins fall away. Dry the pipe with paper towels, and you’re ready to enjoy a completely clean smoking session.

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Technical Specifications

Brand Genius Pipe
Dry Herb
Material Aluminum
Lenght 6 Inch
Build Quality Very Good
Smoke Quality Awesome
Durability Indestructible

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