GRAV 12" Flared Water Pipe | Great Quality And Value

12" Flared Glass Bong | Grav Labs


  • Ice pinch
  • Diffused down stem
  • 4mm thick glass

Type: Bong

12" Flared Water Pipe | Grav Labs

The 12 inch Flared Water Pipe from Grav Labs is a really nice little piece that is simple yet incredibly well engineered to provide great function. The straight tube design is complemented by an ice pinch just below the midpoint so you can launch a couple of ice cubes in there if you want to bring it down another few degrees.

The fixed downstem is fitted with a multi-slit diffuser at the end to make sure that your smoke is fully broken up and given all the filtration you could want. The joint is a 14.5mm female ground glass one and the bong itself comes with a 14.5mm male bowl to fit.

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