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Volcano Replacement Parts

The Volcano by Storz and Bickel is one of the most popular and widely-used desktop vaporizers on the market. Despite the competition, the Volcano has been able to stay at the top of the list of favourites since it was released more than a decade ago. 

Offering monster clouds of delicious, clean vapour, the Volcano is the perfect unit for those looking to get their mind-blown with a powerful unit. Although there are many vaporizers like the Volcano, nothing can come close to what this unit offers.

Making Your Volcano Experience Better Than Ever

All vaporizers need to be maintained and need to be shown a little ‘love’ every once in a while. Without maintenance, a unit can go from brand new, to not working properly in a heartbeat.

We know the importance of keeping your adored unit works correctly, which is why we have brought together everything you need in one collection. Here, you will find a wide variety of Volcano accessories that will keep you and your unit happier than ever. This is what we offer:

Wear & Tear Set - The Volcano Wear and Tear Set has everything you need to replace the old parts from your Solid Valve— including O-Rings, Screen Set, Ceramic Brush and Tube Set. 

Filling Chamber - Need a solid valve filling chamber replacement so you can get the best out of your unit? We’ve got it.

Mouthpiece - Vaporizer mouthpieces can become old quickly, and need to be replaced often. With the Volcano Mouthpiece replacement, you don’t have to worry more. 

Solid Valve Filling Chamber - If you are a concentrates, wax or liquid lover, you definitely need to add this Solid Valve Filling Chamber to your list of must-haves. With the chamber and drip pads, you can enjoy your favourite materials like never before. 

Solid Valve Set - Compatible with both the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digital, this Valve Set has everything you need for vaping wax, oils and dry herbs. With replacement Balloon bag, Balloon Tube, Mouthpiece, Chamber and more, your unit will be working flawlessly. 

More - The number of unique, specialized Accessories for the Volcano do not stop there. If you take a closer look at our collection, you will find that we have exactly what you need.