Pokemon Fixed Stem Ufo & Ball Perc Beaker Bong - Canada

Pokemon Fixed Stem Ufo & Ball Perc Beaker Bong

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  • Dual percolators
  • Pokemon styled bowl
  • Includes Pokemon grinder

Type: Bong

Pokemon Fixed Stem UFO & Ball Perc Beaker Bong

Everyone loves the Pokemon, those cute little fighting monsters that lived in your pocket waiting for a fight. Well, now, you can have a full-on beast of a Pokemon bong with this massive, fixed stem beaker base item from the Gotcha range. It is a full 14 inches tall and because of that beaker base it will hold a HUGE amount of smoke so, when you clear it, you will be blowing clouds like Charizard finishing off a tasty Jigglypuff!

To make sure you get as much cooling and filtering as possible, the first thing they did was build a flat disc percolator into the base of the downstem with colour styling to match the infamous Pokeball from the game.Then after that, there is a second layer of cooling and filtering which is taken care of by a UFO perc in the centre chamber which will break up your smoke into tiny bubbles and remove anything solid left in the smoke that could be inhaled. The UFO perc is also styled like the infamous Pokeball.

If that isn't enough for you though, you can go one step further and add a few cubes of ice in the top thanks to the ice pinch and that will make it cooler than a Glaceon's attack. To complete the setup there is a Pokeball styled bowl which uses a 14.4mm male fitting to match up to the 14.4mm female fitting of the downstem. Along with all of thatwe also include a Pokeball grinder in the set so you have a full complement of Pokemon gear to keep you as high as Spearow flies, every single day.

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