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PAX 4 Vape News and Rumours

January 11, 2019

PAX 4 Vape News and Rumours

In this PAX 4 Vape review, I’ll mainly be talking about PAX 4 news and some rumors about the Pax 4. I’ll also be talking a bit about the JUUL and what has been going on with Pax since the rumors about this e-cigarette came out.

PAX as a Company and Manufacturer

Pax 3 Vaporizer

If you’re new to this vaping community or you just have not been a PAX vaper, you might not know about the PAX 2 and PAX 3. I’m here to let you know about the PAX.

First of all, PAX is a company that initially began designing, making, and selling herb vaporizers with high-quality and innovative technology which had not yet been seen on the market since the “OK” from the FDA.

Its innovative technology involves many things, including the different 2 and 3 models which look really cool, are super portable, and are quite accessible in places where the herb is legal. The PAX 2 and 3 are quite easily concealed, they are simple to use, and people say that you get a great hit off of them thanks to the heating technology and general engineering of the vaporizer.

The PAX 1 was the first model to come out and it was a big breakthrough for PAX as a company; as it was also for clients because they began to see that there were more options out there for them to choose from. This actually brought many people into the herb vaping community, because not only was it a new way to experience THC, but it was also much more convenient and portable.

The PAX 2 was released soon after which included much more fine-tuned details that the company had taken into consideration after their initial launch. That made clients very happy, and it also began to up the sales more than the initial model, PAX 1.

Finally, the best vaporizer PAX ever released, in my opinion, the PAX 3 was launched. This vaporizer is amazing. To think that they [PAX] made improvements with the PAX 2 was definitely true, but when I saw and used the PAX 3, I was more than blown away with the awesome changes and improvements, and with the awesome quality of vape that I was getting.

I’m not saying that I didn’t like the PAX 2, because I definitely did; I’m just saying that the improvements in the PAX 3 were more than I could have imagined and that it was much better for me personally.

Recently, in a stimulating turn of events, PAX has been rumored to be in the middle of working out a PAX 4. How exciting is that?! Of course, since PAX itself has not actually confirmed these rumors, we can’t be certain that there will be a PAX 4 anytime soon. But 2019 is supposed to be a “breakthrough” year for PAX, and the PAX 4 may be one of the things on their agenda.

Considering the excitement and anticipation from their clients, if in fact, PAX had not been considering making a PAX 4, they better start working on one now! There is so much hype going around the internet about the PAX 4 and how, if the PAX 3 is a community favorite, the PAX 4 will be one of the top-ranking herb vaporizers on the market.

Read our PAX 2 review and PAX 3 review for more information. 

Pax 4 could be an improvement on its predecessors but it might also not happen at all because they are focusing more on JUUL at the moment . But in the meantime, if you want a great vaporizer with higher quality and better performance than the current Pax 2 & 3 we recommend you to check any of these great vapes below out. They are way cheaper, similar in size and also dry herb vaporizers. (Pax 3`s concentrate insert is not very good or long lasting) 
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JUUL by PAX - News and Rumours

JUUL E-Cigarette

One thing that I want to say that I believe is quite important is that PAX has recently launched an additional product, called the JUUL. It is a type of vape pen, but this one is not for vaping dry herb; it is for vaping nicotine, and it is named by PAX as an alternative to combustible cigarettes.

The JUUL is a small and slender pen, maybe the length of a cigarette and a half, and it operates on refillable “pods” where the e-juice is stored and dispensed. One of these pods is said to have around the same amount of nicotine that a full pack of cigarettes offers. In my opinion, that’s a fairly high nicotine content, considering how easy it is to just vape anytime and how easy it could be to go over your normal nicotine intake when you smoked cigarettes.

Anyway, the JUUL has been the center of some pretty big rumors lately. So much has happened regarding the JUUL over the past year that it will be hard to cover it all. But I’ll give you a rundown of what has been said and what is being done about it.

First of all, there was great controversy among adults about whether the JUUL had been purposefully marketing their apparatuses to minors due to the cute names of their flavors and their availability.

In fact, the FDA made a survey in order to get to the bottom of this conundrum, and they found that around 2 million middle school and high school goers regularly use the JUUL; and most of them usually post pictures or videos on their social media accounts using the JUUL.

This, of course, deeply alarmed the FDA, and they began to investigate 1)why these minors were able to get these apparatuses, and 2)why these minors wanted to vape JUULs.

There was a conclusion and a warning to this particular episode, ending in the PAX changing many of their e-juice names from, for example, creme brulee to creme, and from cool cucumber to cucumber, etc; and PAX changing JUUL’s legal age from 21 to 35 in efforts to appeal to mature adults, and to cut many chances of teens getting their hands on highly potent nicotine.

Second, to this, there was a wildfire of comments, texts, rumors, and more about the JUUL suddenly causing severe lung cancer in its users. There was this one particular text which suddenly became a nation-wide topic, involving this one college student claiming a fellow JUULER and classmate had gotten diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, which was supposedly a direct result of JUULING (a.k.a. vaping a JUUL).

There was, of course, much speculation about this among professionals and savvy members of the vaping community. But there was not enough initial evidence of this being but a hoax. Many theorize this text was made by the larger tobacco companies in hopes to scare the vapers away from e-cigarettes and to get their client-base back.


I personally don’t know whether this is true or not, and I have not personally seen or heard any news of JUULERS around me that have spontaneously been diagnosed with lung cancer as a result of strictly vaping the JUUL by PAX; but I don’t want to say that this is not a 100% possibility. Although, in my humble opinion, if there was ever a person who formerly smoked cigarettes that then switches over to vaping a JUUL, and is then diagnosed with cancer, I really think that cancer would be a result of however many years they spent smoking cigarettes and not vaping the JUUL.

In conclusion to the above-stated rumors and “happenings” surrounding the JUUL, PAX seems to have its hands more than full with all of this going on. So I, unfortunately, believe that the release of the PAX 4 vape is something that will have to be put aside until PAX is able to get it together with the JUUL business.

I want to hope that the PAX 4 herb vaporizer will come out soon, and I’m not the only person to think so, but I honestly believe that the PAX 4 is lower on the list than the JUUL is. So, with that in mind, I will not lose hope about the PAX 4 release, and will stay in touch with all the PAX news; but logically speaking, I don’t think that the PAX 4 vape  will come out anytime soon due to their JUUL launch and controversy.

I do look forward to PAX being able to resolve the issues regarding the JUUL with the FDA, and their client base itself; that way the PAX 4 can be on its way even sooner, and we won’t have to wait to see the awesome new rig!

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