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Mighty Vaporizers: Why Are They So Great?

April 18, 2019

Why are mightys so great

Mighty Vaporizers are some of my favorite vaporizers on the market today because they are wonderfully priced, easy to use, high quality, and they have some of the best batteries on the market today. But before we get into why I love the Mighty Vaporizer so much, I would like to let you know a little bit about the unit itself, why I think it stands against most vaporizers on the market today, and a little about what other people think as well.

First of all the mighty vaporizer is relatively new in terms of design, operation, and looks; but ever since the mighty vaporizer came into the UK market it has been a favorite amongst many vaporizing communities and amongst many different types of people with different preferences and needs. I find that Storz & Bickel always pushes to make the best vaporizer on the market, and therefore incorporates many innovative features into its vaporizers; and that is definitely a pro in favor of the company and its designers.

My personal experience with the mighty vaporizer has always been wonderful. Ever since I got my first one right when it came out, I was always very surprised at the ease-of-use, portability, and the wonderful designs of each and every mighty vaporizer unit. Sometimes I find that I like a vaporizer for one specific thing or another, but when it comes to the mighty vaporizer itself I find that I love it thanks to its many wonderful features and state-of-the-art functionality.

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Mighty Vaporizer, outside background

The Mighty Vaporizer Battery

Now that you know a little bit about mighty vaporizer is in my personal experience with it, I'd like to let you know about it's wonderful battery life, and why I think it's so great; so below you will be able to learn a little bit about the battery, the battery life itself, the durability of the battery, and all together it's amazing features that set this vaporizer apart from the rest.

Type of Battery

In my personal opinion, the type of battery which is used in a vaporizer is more than important, because not only is a battery the “center” of a vaporizer, and I think it should be high quality and very durable; but also because a battery determines the amount of time you will be able to have a highly functioning vaporizer, which is one of the most important criteria on my personal list for a vaporizer.

With that said, I always find myself looking for a vaporizer with an amazing battery, because I feel like this feature will determine whether or not I will be able to have a good experience with my vaporizer, or an amazing experience with my vaporizer. Therefore, getting to know more about the battery which your vaporizer uses is one of my pro tips, and I highly suggest investing in a vaporizer that sports a high quality battery; you won’t regret it ever!

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories

Now, what kind of battery does the Mighty Vaporizer have? Only one of the best possible batteries available! The Mighty Vaporizer boasts 2 of the highest quality Lithium Ion batteries on the market, which work at the same time during vaping sessions in order to deliver the best quality and performance possible.

You may notice that not many vaporizers on the market use the power or two separate batteries at the same time; and to tell the truth, I feel like I would prefer more vaporizers to do so, because the performance I get from the Mighty is absolutely amazing!

Battery Charge and Charger

The batteries in the Mighty vaporizer are charged by means of a powerful and well made 110 Volt AC adapter which charges the batteries quickly and very effectively every time; or by means of a 12 Volt car-type charger, with which you can charge your unit on the go in a quick and easy manner.

Both chargers deliver power to the unit very quickly, and you will find your charge time to be very quick when using these chargers, at around 120 minutes from 0% to 100%. In fact, I know it is a bit hard to keep chargers sometimes, especially when you’re on the go all the time like me; but I don’t recommend using a different charger to charge the Mighty, for it can lead to improper charging, or even some damage. Therefore, no matter how tempting it is to use the charger closest to you, it really is a good idea to use the charger made for it.

Mighty Power Adaptor

Battery Life and Durability

As I said before, thanks to the superior quality of both batteries within the Mighty Vaporizer, I can gladly say that the battery durability itself is amazing, and that you will surely be able to enjoy your Mighty Vaporizer for many years to come. Sometimes I do find that certain vaporizers might not last as many years as I would like them to, but I have owned my Mighty since it came out, and it’s still going as strong as ever!

The battery life is amazing, lasting me on average around 90 minutes, which might not sound too long as a whole; but if you consider that for every session you will have the Mighty on for an average of 120 - 300 seconds (depending on your temperature settings and amount of temperature control you apply during each session), your battery will allow you to vape for days! Therefore I think that 90 minutes is an impressive amount of battery life, and considering the short charging time, I don’t have a problem with it.

Conclusion and Pro Tips for the Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer Size

As you can see, the battery life for the Mighty Vaporizer is quite good, and the batteries themselves are quite uniquely high quality, and they will deliver great amounts of vapor every time you use your unit. So all around, I think that the battery life is great, the battery charging time and charging devices are great, and that the battery quality is perfect!

Here are some pro tips for using the Mighty Vaporizer:

  • To have an easier time loading your Mighty unit, buy the Mighty & Crafty Filling Aid herb mill. It grinds your herb to perfection, and it allows you to pack the chamber by simply attaching it to the chamber itself, scooping your herb from mill to herb chamber, and to pack it in using the small tool included in the mill.
  • Use finely milled herb, and pack the chamber tightly with them, but don’t overfill the chamber, because you will not be able to screw the cooling unit back onto the top it there are pieces of herb disturbing it.
  • Clean your unit often for the best taste; and if your draw resistance is getting too heavy, I suggest soaking your mouthpiece for a couple of minutes. After, you’ll notice a huge difference, and you’ll be back at original draw resistance.

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