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11 Best Concentrate Vaporizers of 2019

May 11, 2019

11 Best Concentrate Vaporizers of 2019


Dabbing, a.k.a. vaping concentrates is on the rise in popularity, there are more and more concentrate vaporizers coming out, and that makes it a bit hard to find the best ones. So, in this blog I would like to tell you about all the best concentrate vaporizers available on the market today in order to make it easier for you to choose a vaporizer that is right for your and to help you get a good idea of what it is that makes a good concentrate vaporizer unit!

So what Concentrate Vaporizer should I choose?

There are so many options on the market today, so you can decide with the information provided below, what suits you better in relation to price, portability and design.

Without delaying you further, let's have a look at what we rate as the best 11 concentrate vaporizers of 2019:

Table Of Contents

Vaporizer Price
Firefly 2 Vaporizer  c$329.00
Dr. Dabber Boost - Black Edition Vaporizer c$198.00
Mighty Vaporizer c$399.99
Boundless CFX Vaporizer c$198.00
Boundless Tera Vaporizer c$256.97
Plenty Vaporizer c$328.00
Shatterizer Vaporizer  c$69.00
Puffco plus vaporizer  c$119.00
Fury 2 Vaporizer  c$139.99
Pax 3 Vaporizer  c$239.99

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is great in many different ways. The first thing that I like the most about the Firefly is that it heats up almost instantly, and that it has an auto shut off mode after 30 seconds of inactivity, which keeps the battery life going for much longer than it would have without it.

The Firefly 2 features convection heating, which many people believe to be the best heating method for concentrates. It's thanks to this that the vapor quality is pretty much as good as it gets. Also, for an even better vaping session, the Firefly 2 has 6 heating profiles which can be controlled via the Firefly app, and which you can also switch through using the touch sensors on the sides of the unit -- an innovative and shape-conscious feature.

To top it all off, this vaporizer unit is made with high quality materials, so it very durable and super great on-the-go. I highly recommend this vaporizer to those of you who want a quick and easy vaping experience both in and out of your home.

Dr. Dabber Boost - Black Edition Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Boost

This particular vaporizer has gotten a lot of attention in recent years thanks to its amazing quality of build and the overall experience that it offers. The Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer comes complete with three extra large nails, one made from titanium, one made from quartz, and one made for ceramic for a dynamic and versatile vaping experience. This particular vaporizer is a nectar collector, there for the nails used in this device are a big part of your overall vaping experience, so the fact that they are so high quality and so I'll made makes all the difference in the world. Of course, many nectar collectors do you have a bit of a learning curve, since they are a little bit more complicated, but once you get the hang of it, the Dr. Dabber Boost - Black Edition is the best one you could choose. One thing that is not optimal about the Dr. Dabber boost Black edition vaporizer is the fact that it's not very portable, or not portable at all, depending on your views, since it is quite large, not very discreet in shape or design, and generally needs a bit more attention when the time comes to do a dab. But apart from this, it has a really good battery that will last you 30 to 40 hits from the comfort of your home or a place where you don't need to be so discreet, and I highly recommend it.

Mighty Vaporizer


We have all heard at least a few things about the Mighty vaporizer in our vaping experience, and this is all thanks to the great reputation it has gained over the years from being a really great dabbing and dry herb vaporizer unit. The Mighty vaporizer offers the power of not one but two built-in batteries, which truly makes a difference when it comes to the amazing vapor quality and vapor production you can get in one session.

This vaporizer offers very comfortable temperature settings which allows you a lot of control over your sessions, regardless of whether they are concentrates vaping sessions or dry herb vaping sessions. Additionally, I want to let you know to expect huge vapor clouds from the Mighty, for that is one of its main features, and it can be considered one of the major reasons it has become a vapor community favorite.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Boundless CFX

When it comes to a dab rig or a concentrate vaporizer, we still want a bit of versatility, and I feel that the Boundless CFX vaporizer definitely delivers that versatility, in many ways, starting with its convection and induction heating system. In addition to this, it has a sophisticated single-digit increment temperature setting feature which ranges from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, for a finely customized vaping session.

On a different note, the Boundless CFX is a small vaporizer which is easy to use and easy to get the hang of. The fact that it's small makes it very portable, and thanks to its ease of use, it is very discreet, since taking some vape hits on the go won't require much work. Also, thanks to its high quality build, the Boundless CFX is very durable. So not only is it portable, but you don't have to worry about it too much, since the materials it is made from make it very durable!

Boundless Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera

The Boundless Tera vaporizer is a vaporizer which has divided people since you came out. Some people claim that it is the best vaporizer for concentrates, and others don't necessarily agree with that because we all have different preferences. The Boundless Tera is bit larger than the Boundless CFX, yet it is still concealable in a purse or bag. It features two batteries which give it high power and allow it high temperatures, which are best for concentrate, according to many strongest are users.

In terms of discreteness and portability, some say that the Boundless Tera is just fine, since it can be concealed easily, but many argue that it is a bit too large, and that the charge time is a bit too long for it to be a portable vaporizer, which is a result of its dual-battery feature. But regardless of this, everyone can agree that the Boundless Tera is perfect for cloud chasers, since it offers huge hits, and great tasting vapor. So, whether or not you agree that the Boundless Tera is a good portable vaporizer, we can all agree that it gives great quality vapor and huge clouds.

Plenty Vaporizer


At first sight, the Plenty vaporizer comes off as a bit of a gadget, due to its incredibly unusual shape and design. But, when it comes to vaporizers, it really is what many consider a classic model, since it came out quite a bit of time ago, yet it remains on the market and on demand. But, though it did come out some years back, the Plenty vaporizer still remains a favorite in many people's opinion, thanks to its durability, amazing vapor quality, and its versatility when it comes to being able to vape both dry herb and wax concentrates, (though it is worth mentioning that many believe the Plenty to work best with wax concentrates).

With a maximum temperature of 396 degrees Fahrenheit, the Plenty vaporizer doesn't necessarily function at high temperatures, and for many this is a big downside. But, when you consider that the Plenty vape unit focuses on giving you slow yet dense hits with low temperatures, then it begins to make a bit more sense. Also, if you have ever seen that the Plenty vaporizer before, you will know instantly that it is not a portable vaporizer, and it is by no means discrete, so it is definitely to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, but it is still a great vaporizer that you might just like!

Shatterizer Vaporizer


The Shatterizer vaporizer is a portable and light wax pen that has recently become many vape lovers' favorite concentrate vaporizer. You will see that the body of the Shatterizer vaporizer is unique in the fact that it has a borosilicate glass dome on top of the vape pen itself. This dome allows a great view into the works of the vaporizer, and it also serves as a cooling system, which allows you smooth and tasty vape clouds. In fact, the Shatterizer vaporizer is, in many people's opinions, the vape pen that gives the thickest clouds of vapor. This is due to the great battery that the Shatterizer vaporizer boasts, and the dual quartz coils that it comes with.

This vapor pen has three temperature settings which are very comfortable and intuitive, and that also give a great overall vaping experience.

Though the Shatterizer is a wax pen, many argue that it is not very discreet in public, since the design of it practically gives it away instantly. Also, not to mention, the thick clouds of vapor don't help much when it comes to discreteness, since you will probably be pretty easy to spot in a crowd. But other than that, this wax pen is portable and light, which makes it really easy to take it anywhere you want, and I highly recommend trying out the Shatterizer wax pen on your outdoor adventures!

Puffco plus vaporizer

Puffco plus

A very popular dab pen, the Puffco Plus is a great way to get into dab pens. It is small, compact and very dynamic, and it's very easy to use, since the process of loading it, turning it on and off, and controlling and setting the temperatures is very intuitive. In fact, you can easily customize your sessions with the temperature settings, which range from 580 degrees Fahrenheit to 720 degrees Fahrenheit, making it yet again a perfect vaporizer for starters.

The Puffco Plus vaporizer has its downside, of course come up which lies in its battery. This is due to the fact that one can get around 50 hits per battery charge, but it does take up to 3 hours to charge it, which for many people is quite a long time, especially when using the Puffco Plus on the go in places where charging a vape pen is not an option. But, if you are able to overlook at this small downside, I believe that the Puffco Plus is a great way to get into dabbing, and a great way to get your bearings on vaporizer pens.

Fury 2 Vaporizer

Fury 2

The Fury 2 is a very popular vaporizer because of its unusually small size, and the convection and conduction mixed heating system. Though in a small package (only 2 x 1 x 3 inches) the Fury 2 still offers a top-quality vaporizing experience. It features a temperature range of 320 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which one can set in 1 degree increments, for a personalized vapor experience every time. Not to mention, the Fury 2 has such a powerful battery that it's super quick heat up time is one of the fastest on this list.

The Fury 2 vaporizer is made with high-quality materials, and topped off with a smooth rubber finish for super strong grip and extra durability. In fact, you can practically take the fury to anywhere anytime, for it is very strong, but very light, and therefore it is super portable. Another pro is the fact that it is so easy to conceal, that you don't have to think twice about taking it with you anywhere and any type of carrier or pouch.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3

If you have ever seen the Pax 3, you will know how beautiful its design is it, and how slim and streamline it looks. The Pax 3 has been a popular vaporizer since its debut thanks to its powerful battery, its highly versatile temperature controls, and its sophisticated technology. The Pax 3 offers a good range of preset temperatures ranging from 82 degrees Celsius to 215 degrees Celsius, which is quite a wide spread for a vaporizer. It is made for both dry herb and concentrates, but many argue that using it on concentrates is much easier and much more effective.

The Pax 3 offers full flavor hits which are discrete and quiet, great for being out and about in public. In addition to this, the Pax 3 is known for its quick heating time of 15 seconds, and its powerful battery. Once again, these features make it a great vaporizer to take with you anywhere and everywhere, and I highly recommend doing so, so you can see just how portable and discrete the Pax 3 can be.

Now, you're practically an expert on all the things that make a good concentrate vaporizer. I highly recommend giving some of these vaporizers a try, and seeing for yourself just how good a concentrates vaporizer can be. You will find that this list consists of many diverse vaporizer units, from different price ranges, in order to offer you a little bit of every type and style of vaporizer. Now all you have to do is go out and get yourself your favorite vaporizer, and enjoy.

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